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Re: mothers cancer

Posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2021, at 17:34:43

In reply to Re: mothers cancer, posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2021, at 17:24:51

i guess the thing of it was that the waikato dhb was hacked into a while back.

it was hacked into around the time that mother was seeing the specialists from there and they were coming up with a treatment plan.

they were saying on the news in the media that because of the hack the specialists in the hospitals did not have access to the online notes. so the pathology reports or whatever.

they were saying specifically on the news in the media that because of that they were allowing cancer people (particularly newly diagnosed) to go to appointments in auckland. that there was the possibility of people starting their new treatment in tauranga. that people were even getting (government funded) treatment in australia. because the waikato dhb was out of action because of the hack.

that is to say... the time when the waikato hospital dhb went down... was out of action...

my mother could have got actual treatment (possibly) if she had got up to auckland.


she could have stayed with kim. and gone into the hospital for treatment.

or... arrangements could have been made for her to have treament in tauranga or even australia.

she just needed to phone this number and say that she was newly diagnosed with blood cancer and the waikato dhb specialist in the appointment basically told her there was nothing they could / would do except take her money for this second line treatment that wasn't even FDA approved...

point is...

mother chose not to do that. not to pursue that.

i said... what is the harm in phoning the number and going out to tauranga for one day and talking to the specialist and hearing what he has to say so you can make an informed decision?

and she decided that whatever they were going to do with her at the waikato hospital was fine with her. fine for her.

so that's her decision.

I was clear with her... so she knew she had options. i said i would go with her. i said i would donate marrow if it would help her... i said i would go with her and say that. and she chose not to.

from a calm place of understanding.


i think kim likely would have let her come and stay for at least a little while.. to get treatment in auckland.

so it is her decision again.

i think maybe it is because she wants to be in or close to her house.

i think that is it. her garden.





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