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Re: hospital staffing (nursing)

Posted by alexandra_k on August 19, 2021, at 17:16:41

In reply to Re: hospital staffing (nursing), posted by alexandra_k on August 19, 2021, at 17:01:23

i suppose it is because, at university, you had roughly 3 kinds of people.

firstly, you had the people who weren't really that into it. the academics, i mean. they were doing it... but it was something to help them get their entry level job. they were into the social aspect. they were often working jobs while studying. they were sort of aiming to pass everything and get their degrees, but they weren't aiming to do very very well. they were not doing all the readings (where the workload was demanding, but reasonable). they were maybe taking a few classes off here and there... and they came through with b's and c's and they were happy enough for it. they got their degree as something to tick off their bucket list. they enjoyed the university experience. they got their graduation photograph etc. they maybe met their life partner at uni.

secondly, you had the people who wanted to learn more... who were more focused on their studies than on extra-curriculars... who worked harder.. for b's and a's. who realised that there wasn't a great deal in new zealand and so aimed to go overseas and continue studies there. USA was particularly a destination because of the 5 year PhD with 2 more years of course-work. because these people were well aware of how little they knew about things... how much there was to learn... they wanted to learn...

thirdly, you had people who wanted to climb their way up the hierarchy of life quick quick quick as you can. worked hard enough for b's and a's but really... you go to university at 18 and complete honors when you are 22 (4 years). then a B+ average gives you entry to PhD and a 3 year PhD makes you 25.

so the goal is to be a doctor by the age of 25.

then the money rolls in.


and of course the university will drag things out for another year (grading and re-submission etc etc) so you will be begging for them to sign you off when you are 26... and they will be berating you for how old you are...

but that was the plan.

they grubbed their way to 'doctor' at age of 25.

and then it became about grubbing up a management / administration hierarchy.

it doesn't matter what you are 'doctor' of, you see. you start doing some actual job and then it is abou taking your supervisors job... all the way up... all the way up the money tree.


those people.

and they are determined that that was the way.

their way.

the way.

otherwise... well... you snooze you loose hahahahha.


and then people come back from overseas... once they've learned various things from there...

but the people here (in power) won't acknowledge anything they've learned from overseas.

if you have qualifications from overseas they aren't acknowledged.
if you don't claim to have qualificications from overseas (but rely on people being able to assess your merits) then that isn't acknowledged either.

the grubby grubs seized the power.

and i suppose their thing is that they know full well they wouldn't have gotten away with that anywhere else in the world.


love what they've done with the place

(yeah right)

thanks for letting me contribute.

no? thanks for forcing me to slave -- because you know better than me what my contribution must be forced to be. of course you do. you know everything. that's why you didn't need to learn anything more. you knew everything already. how the meaning of life is forcing everyone else to comply with your will. and you don't need to learn anything at all. just bide your time until you get to force you will on everyone else. until you don't. that' slife. nasty buruitish and short by your own making. talking about you. everything... all the things... so much worse.. for sitting around all day singing the praises of you.





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