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Re: hospital staffing (nursing)

Posted by alexandra_k on August 19, 2021, at 17:01:23

In reply to hospital staffing (nursing), posted by alexandra_k on August 19, 2021, at 16:43:05

so it's all arbitrary. they just pick who they want for whatever they want and what are you going to do about it?? that's just life. that's just the way it goes.

and the thing of it is just that their choices are insane.

they certainly aren't selecting on the basis of merit. or capacity. or anything like that. that doesn't appear to factor or feature at all.

and it isn't that the people lack the capacity to identifiy it or to know it when they see it... it isnt' that at alll. becuase of how resolutely they set about excluding those who do have merit or capacity.

higher than chance.

like the ethics thing. it isn't that they lack the capacity to identify what the morally right thing to do is. it is that they intentionally set about selecting the psychopaths.

i think it is about insisting that new zealanders be criminals. the ideal to make criminals of us all. to force criminality as the only option. the only way of life. to have people branded. in a harness racing brand a number on their neck kind of a branding i mean to say. property of the new zealand government. that kind of branding.

put to immoral work because there really wasn't any other kind.

or excluded because of the choices that other people made.


i wondered why the grading situation deteriorated.
why they paid tutors less and less and less to grade.
what the point of it was, to basically...
to basically...
convey that they didn't care at all if you simply flung them down the stairs and handed out grades according to how far they flew...

why there was no training on how to grade fairly (how to employ a fair process)
why there was no pay associated with how long it was supposed to take.
i mean to say tutors were not paid reasonably for the number of hours.
i mean to say the number of hours you were paid for was not enough hours for you to grade things properly.
becuase it was not a priority of the university that things be graded properly.


there was a deterioration.

because early on...

i remember. i remember how it was.
i remember one of the tutors (unofficially) telling me that it would take me longer to do it than they would pay me -- but, you know... how would i ffeel if i was an undergrad and they didn't grade my work properly?
and i do remember one of the lecturers (unofficially) telling me about turning back the cover sheet and blind grading everything.
and i do remember he wanted to see all the ones i thought should fail -- just to check that he didn't see any way to pass them, either.
in case i was missing something -- because i was fairly young.

but those checks and balances fell by the way over the years.

that is to say the universities deteriorated. got worse.
they don't do the basic things that they used to do.
in new zealand i mean to say.


i'm saying there are concrete and specific examples of how the univerisites in new zealand have gone down-hill. have gotten sh*tt**r and crappier than they used to be. have deteriorated.

they used to have things they don't now. they have been gutted.


i say that because i wonder.. maybe they always were sh*t and i just didn't see that...

likely there is some of that.

but there are also very concrete things to show that they are shitter than they used to be. for sure.


mostly it seems to be about preventing meritocracy.
so about scrambling things.
the content of biological science (particularly) is that they swamp / overwhelm with the volume of information.
and some kids do well because they were given practice with exactly that test.
that is to say their tutorials focused specifically on giving them repeated exposure to a pool of questions that the exam questions would be taken from.
whereas everyone else didn't have such focused content.

also... arbitrary questions.
poorly written multiple choice.


i remember quite a few questions were off in pathology at otago.
quite a few were off...

and with those off questions... it comes down to 50:50 whether you get it or not (once you rule out the wrong answers).

and you count up how many off questions there are...

and you see how that randomises... shuffles... the grade distribution.

how likely it is that someone gets an A+. given the random element.

then distribute that across their degree...

and then GPA above a certain point proclaims you are a cheaty cheaty cheater. oh yes it does.

because it isn't plausible


which is why my grades don't count.

because they proclaim i'm a cheaty cheater. but i'm not. i earned my grades. but that's not how our universities work (or don't work. fail to work) anymore.

but i'm too old. i don't count. i'm eneligible. time to curl up and die, alex.

everyone my age in nz either was forced to flee (the great brain drain) else they grubbity grub grubbed their way into the money (not realising or caring how incopmetent they were and how much they hadh to learn before really ebign able to contribute) else they... well... just settle into the sh*t. yeah. just nestle into the sh*t, then.

f*ck*ng psyschopaths.




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