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Re: would it be rational for me to trust nz government

Posted by alexandra_k on August 18, 2021, at 20:11:09

In reply to Re: would it be rational for me to trust nz government, posted by alexandra_k on August 18, 2021, at 20:05:02

apparently they did written informed consent forms for people in group 1.

which, i suppose, is taking evidence from them that they believed they were entitled to be in group 1.

all the people on the board of directors of the hospital. who don't see patients. who were working from home. who ran away and hid in their hidey holes -- but firstly, who took the first of the vaccines for themselves and their non-clinical family members.

they signed written documents, apparently, that they were providing consent to take the vaccine as part of group 1.

they are still alive. apparently.

well.. that lady in the south auckland dhb died in her bed one day. but other than her they are still alive. mostly. i suppose.


they aren't doing written consents anymore -- but you need to book online.

there isn't a multi-choice test for consent...

but the information is there if you choose to follow it.

and you have to book.

and you have to show up in person.

and apparently things will be explained a bit when you are there.

and i suppose they won't prevent you from leaving should you change your mind.

i suppose.

so there's quite a few steps involved in booking a time and showing up for the time and taking the dose.

quite a few steps of decision making. with the possibility of opting out.


i think they are not being forthcoming about the best knowledge that we have about the spacing between doses.

and because i think we have good reason to believe they are not being forthcoming about the reason or rationale about the recommended spacing between doses (is it a clinical opinion or a political opinion? a logistical opinion?)...

they undermine their own credibility.

what else are they not being honest about?


jacinda says: 'even if you have been fully vaccinated you can still get covid'

reporter says: 'so then why should be get vaccinated'

jacinda says: 'becuase if you get vaccinated then you won't die'

which makes me worry about lethal injections.




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