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would it be rational for me to trust nz government

Posted by alexandra_k on August 18, 2021, at 20:02:12

let me see...

would it be rational for me to trust the new zealand government?

where is my degree? for the 1 year of research that i completed in 2018?
that was a public university. that's a branch of the nz government.

i followed the complaints resolution process... internally and externally.
nobody is hearing sense or reason on that yet.

all the nz government employees. the ombudsman. the nzvcc where their job it so externally investigate complaints and forward the information to prosecution. they refused to do their job with any... plausibility. any... credibility at all.

the courts. government employees, again. years later, now, and no semblance of justice at all.


let's see...

apparnetly euthanasia injections are starting in november.

but maybe they choose to give me mine early. in october. when my covid jab is booked.

i book so far in advance... on a website...

enough time in advance for them to not let anybody else book that time. fill it with... acoomplices...

give me a lethal injection.

so they don't have to listen to me, anymore.

because... well... why wouldn't they when nobody holds them to account. i mean... why wouldn't they?

does it seem more likely that they would do that or that they would give me a covid shot?

would it be rational for me to go get a covid shot?

i think the answer is... no.

i have a couple months to think on it yet. but i've seen no indications at all that the government of nz will do any of the things that ti is supposed to do.

not when it comes to me.








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