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Re: so the law says

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:47:48

In reply to Re: so the law says, posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:34:43

the point of it was to only graduate or whatever the people who nobody else would want.

that was the goal or the aim or whatever. we would only graduate the people who nobody else would want.

then we could pay them cheapest wages ever and they wouldn't have any other option. there would be no alternative.

if we are producing nurses or doctors who can be employed by Australia then we are doing it wrong. we are only supposed to be producing nurses and doctors who Australia won't want. we are only supposed to be producing nurses and doctors who Australia won't pay. then they will be forced to slave in New Zealand.

that was the plan. the plan for new zealand. to only sign off on the qualifications of people who wouldn't have any other option.

so we aimed lower than lower than lower than low. we aimed for our qualifications to not be accepted anywhere else in the world. we aimed for our graduates to be forced to slave for new zealand. for lowest wages of any nation... for minimum wage... for less than minimum wage.. it is mostly the government departments who refuse to pay the government workers minimum wage. because, well, because the biggest offenders in new zealand are teh government employees.

that's our strategy. that's our plan for the world stage.

to say that our education system was a pathway for citizenship for them and their families. to refuse to enrol domestic students in programmes partiuclarly in things like engineering or whatever. to refuse to enrol domestics in those programmes. to enrol internationals only. to continually cry about how there was a shortage of workers in this, that, or the other programme, so that internationals think that they will be getting their kids into high-value programmes that will lead to high-paying jobs.

and then for there to be no jobs out the end of it. no jobs. and that's... embarrassing... right? but you can keep on 'working' as a slave to the university.. to keep your qualifications current. right? just keep on slaving... just keep on... just keep on slaving for the university. just keep on paying. just keep on paying. and, what, now you are... 35? 40? with kids of your own? citizens by birth?? just keep on slaving... just one more year??? no? time for you to go?? better luck next generation??

but of course they won't process the enrolment of your kids. becuase they are domestic. so they get to do all the 'new zealand fun' experience of the locals. all the drunkenness. right? or maybe they can get an apprentiseship for the local supermarket. be managing administrator of the managers administration for till number 5. that's likely to lead to a high paied career in nzl -- right?

quite the scummy scam.

no doctors. no teachers. no nurses. no lecturerers. no government prosecutors. nothing. nothing. nothing at all. nada. zip. zilch.

nothing to contribute to the world stage. not meeting the needs of it's own people. ntohing to offer anyone or anywhere else at all.

f*ck*ng joke of a nation. f*ck*ng farce.

the f*ck*ng farce of it iall.

we think we have survived 3+ waves of covid. it hasn't arrived yet.

there's nothing here.

nothing nothing nothing at all




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