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Re: so the law says

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:34:43

In reply to Re: so the law says, posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:27:38

nononononononononononononono we can't help you.

we can't med-evac anyone to new zealand hospitals because we don't have any fit for purpose buildings or rooms we don't have any doctors we don't have any icu nurses we don't have any medical supplies.

nada. noppers. nothing.

we can't help you.

we don't have enough for our own people.

we thought about having enough for some of them -- but that wouldn't be fair.

Des Gorman said that nonononononnononoono no no ALL of the people in new zealand must have NOTHING in the name of equity otherwise things just wouldn't be fair.

so the clinical answer to med-evac requests is always predictably: nonononoononono we don't have the capacity.


so the Covid comes and...

bye bye people of new zealand. nice knowing you.

shame your government didn't love you enough to allow those of you with the capacity to do the work that would have been required to look after the people of nzl and keep people safe and healthy etc.

sorry your government decided the extinction strategy or path was what was right for y'all.


so apparently our 'new zealander of the year' is a relatively recent immigrant.

of course.

buy your way in...

and you pay and you pay and you pay an dyou pay and you pay.

we don't pay our workers. by the time the chief executives have taken up all the pay for themselves. for the managing the administration of the mangers managers third cousin of the administration theres nothing left.

no police.
no prosecution.
no doctors.
no nurses.
no teachers.
no academics.


nothing at all.




dolphins in the mystery meat... hell, likely prisoners in the mystery meat... round up in the honey... lead in the water.. e-coli in the water...

f*ck*ng retards ruining things for us all.

what part of 'domestic adults who have attained the age of 20 years are eligible to be enrolled in programmes they have applied to' is so f*ck*ng hard?

won't do it.

just won't do it.

my god...

just f*ck*ng bomb it already.

there's nothing here. there's noone home.




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