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so the law says

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:20:38

new zealand is supposed to be a nation that is 'rule by law' where parliament is the highest source of law so statute is the highest source of law.

so the statute (the education act and education and training acts) say that domestic adults (who have attained the age of 20 years) are eligible to be enrolled in the programme they have applied to.

but the universities are very very very very very very very focused on teenagers. that is to say the 16-19 year old age bracket. they like them to fall over each other how competitive things are. they like them to be all vying for special favors from teh council. that's how competitive things are. tehy like them to be paying thousands and thousands in alumni donations to the university. they like them to be paying thousands to private schools. to private residential colleges. to tutors. to be paying for the answers to the university tests and so on. they like them to pay and to keep paying and to keep on paying and to just keep paying just keep on paying...

and the course will be so fun! it will be the real new zealand university experience of drunken revalry and rapes! it will be so fun!! only a few people die each year of being trampled to death in a student riot or falling off a balcony... it is such fun!!!

and they can play 'doctors and nurses' and give each other belly rubs. and so on. quite the new zealand expereince...

and the universities refuse to allow domestic adults to apply on grounds that they decide who is eligible and who is not.


so it should be a simply matter, really. the courts can declare that domesetic adults are eligible and the univesrities are required to allow domestic adults to apply.

if the universities won't enrol domestic adults (because they are too busy enrolling teenagers / internationals) then shut them down.

why is this so f*ck*ng hard???


new zealand is not 'rule by law'. not so far as i can see.

i presently have... like... 4, 5 cases of blatant disregard for the education aact and education and trainig act and the courts don't appear capable of parsing the law / of processing the evidence.

waiting for a hearing date with the court of appeal. they keep granting me waivers of the usual time frame i'm supposed to book a hearing in because they haven't processed the application for security for costs to be waived.

there is no earthly reason (execept incopmetence on the part of the courts) as to why things weren't sorted years ago. years go.

how long can it possibly take to read: 'domestic adults are eligible to be enrolled in programmes they have applied to' and order them to get to enrolleing the domestic adults who have applied.

they won't do it.

we refuse to train a workforce. worse. we refuse to get out of the f*ck*ng way and let people with the capacity get on with it. we refuse to publically advertise jobs... w erefuse we refuse we refuse we refuse...

come on Covid. Hurry up.

there's nothing here. nada. nothing. no rule of law. nothing. nada.

the courts won't function.

it's time to go various leaders of nz.




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