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Re: nz is not rule of law

Posted by alexandra_k on August 12, 2021, at 17:22:17

In reply to nz is not rule of law, posted by alexandra_k on August 12, 2021, at 17:13:22

and the covid will come and a bunch will get sick. and they'll swoop in on each other like the vultures they are putting each other on ventillators for indeterminate periods of time because why wouldn' tyou if you could get away with it? and in this manner they will.. not quite self-destruct... not quite implode...

various will just stay away. hide away in their hidey hole. we already know who they are becuase they hid away in their hidey holes half way through last year.

the supposed anesthetists who hoarded up all the face masksk and did not go to work.

the elective surgeries were cancelled becuase the anesthetists were too afraid to go to work.

i don't think we have anesthetists. we have people who like to give others date rape medications and medications that make them forget... immobilisers. it's quite the thing for people to want to do. the pslychopaths. the violent offenders.

they train them and send them out to rural communities. was hwere they were supposed to go. go victimise the aboriginal.

help them give birth to live babies. or not. whatever. go help them. go help them. go help yourself to them. go out there beyond the laws. where nobody knows or nobody cares what you are doing to other people. go. go. go. off you go. go well away from here. fly my little pedophile. go off into help some *other* community.

but they flocked the back way around to Christchurch and took over the hosptial there. cheapest ruralists ever apparently. they'll do anasthetics (course they will) for cesarian. and for general surgical. just have a go. get in there. have a go. better than nothing? right? hey, the people of nzl want surgeries... they'll get 'em. cheapest doctors ever. right? win win? yeah? course? sure? great!

so nobody can function because we've been taken over by psychopaths.

but they are the ones who will get in there and have a go when the Covid comes. because they take themslves to be invulnerable. so... they'll turn upon each other... some nasty brutish and short survival of the fittests... the front line workers buring each other out...

which will be a sort of clearing the way ceremony.

once it's over... the little shoots and so on will have room to pop up.

i guess there's something in that.

because, you know. we wouldn't allow the people birth control. we refuse to be rule of law... so every now and then inhumane... clearing the way. a sort of population control 'act of god'. not wwIII. sure. not wwIII, at all.




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