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Re: unemployment

Posted by alexandra_k on August 12, 2021, at 16:11:17

In reply to unemployment, posted by alexandra_k on August 12, 2021, at 16:01:36


Here's the thing. I'll try and make the numbers easy...

Suppose there are 5 million New Zealanders. I think there are roughly (1/4 our population is overseas. We are a nation with more ex-pats than anywhere else, apparently, the whole brain drain thing whereby the leaders force the people with brains to flee)...

So there are 4 million living in NZ.

So, now let's focus on the ones between the ages of... 16? Will we do that? During the lock-down many kids left school altogether because they could get full time work as 'essential workers' with the supermarkets and the packign plants etc paying them minimum child wage (for being under 20 I think) so they would hire the kids and not hire the kids parents. So 16 year old kids are working full time because the NZL economy (propped up by government subsidey and handouts) won't employ people who have attained the age of 20 years because it is cheaper for them to hire kids.

So let's say that you are eligible (hahahahhaha) to work full time from the age of 16 through to age of retirement at 65, I think it is now.

I know lots of people stay on payroll into their 70s. You know those jobs involving all of the payroll and nonen of the work... People can work 5+ of those jobs into their 70s and beyond is really what I am trying to capture, here, with respect to the employment situation in NZL.


so lets's say there are 2 million people who are eligible (I am going to call thtem eligible) in virtue of being the right age. The age for work. k Where I am being super-generous by starting things at 16. Not 18. Not 20. 16.

2 million.

But now we say that various of them are not really eligible (such that if there are only 1 million FTE jobs then unemployment is not 50 per cent).

1/4 of them are 'disabled'. So they don't count. Incapacitated.

ANd so on... We just say that a bunch of people are ineligible therfore they don't count.

And a bunch of others (who likely are ineligible in fact e.g., becuase they are 90 and they aren't performing any of the things listed in their job description when they are on payroll for working 5+ FTE jobs)...

It' sa f*ck*ng joke of a country. I swears.




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