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Posted by alexandra_k on August 12, 2021, at 16:01:36

In reply to lockdowns, posted by alexandra_k on August 12, 2021, at 15:50:26

we aren't counting it properly.

they need to count FTE (full time equivalent) positions.
AND they need to count the number of people who are employed with 1 FTE (or more).

because i think what you will find is that some people are paid to work 2, 3, 4 + FTE workloads (that is to say if you are on one board of directors for a government department or private business that is only viable becuase of government handouts and subsidies) then you are on more than 1 board...

and there are vast numbers of people who will only get part-time contract-work. so they get no holidays. they get no sick leave. they are on call and if they don't take whatever is offered whenever they are offered then they find themselves not offered anything at all.

they say our unemployment is very low at around 4 per cent.

but we have this thing of 'eligibility' where we say that we decide who is 'eligible' to be counted.... like... cleaning the data. we decide what data points are 'eligible' to be counted. and we simply refuse to acknowledgee anything we don't want to see.

it is a very private-language thing. aka it is a very disintegrating into nothing thing. it is a very nonsense thing. it is a very... there's nothing here. it's like everything is chopped up in a blender. word salad. yes. it's like our leaders spout word salad.


the latest is that the court of appeal shouldn't hear the case of how the university of waikato refused to enrol me in the programme i applied to (and enrolled me in various programmes i never applied to) and didn't get my work to examiners... and sent my work for examination for the wrong degree... and decided on administration (not academic) grounds to force re-enrolment and more fees to be paid otherwise the qualification wouldn't be alllowedt o be completed at all... and refused to get my work to examiners to prevent and prohibit them signing me off...

the court of appeal shouldn't hear the case of how the university of waikato refuses to allow it's students to work to internaitonal standarsd f scholarship by forcing them to slave locally for no pay...

because i am borderline delusional. according to the judge. that's what he suggested.

that it was borderline delusional for me to ohave asserted that my supervisor (rather than an external examiner) likely filled out this form that stated that 'MPhil recommendation of the following doctoral thesis' would involve 're-enrolment for at least 6 additional months and re-examination'.

why did i think my supervisor likely filled it out?

becuase my supervisor and the university were the ones who stated that this was required of me.

but the calendar regualtions stated that 2/3 external examiners decide the outcome of examination. and the calendar regulations stated that when re-enrolment and re-examiantion was required THE THESIS WOULD BE RETURNED TO THE CANDIDATE. but NEITHER of the external examiners returned the thesis to the candidate. BOTH OF THEM KEPT THE THESIS. Which informed the university that the examiners were not requiring re-enrolment.

And which informed the studnet (me) that the Univesrity had no grounds to force re-enrolment. Because the examiners refused to return the thesis to the student. Which told the studnet that if the University refused to confer the degree they were acting unlawfully.

Whcih was obvious to me December of 2018.

And why it's now half way through 2021 and I'm allegedly 'borderline delusional' that I have this capacity to understand written English...

F*ck*ng psychopaths.




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