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Re: it doesn't matter what the laws are...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 12, 2021, at 15:18:50

In reply to Re: it doesn't matter what the laws are..., posted by alexandra_k on August 12, 2021, at 15:05:25

they've been med-evac ing people from Fiji.

apparently they opened a ward...

by which they mean they employed a nurse and maybe a doctor.. for a single ICU room. the auckland hospital. because the entire situation was paid for by the UN. so the UN pays and... sees what it can purchase with the money. can it purchase medical care... at any cost?

within hours someone was in quarantine because it was pointed out their PPE wasn't properly secure.

and now there's another med evac for a government minister of Fiji, or something...


in the us and in australia, too, there are... well... it's like if you go a block in one direction...
here there's a... super-imposed about it all.
like... one thing layered upon another. interwoven in such a way that...

it is interesting to see how unsafe things are becoming...
you see... genuine fear in people's eyes a little bit more, now.

the men in suits. realising that it isn't quite safe for them to be walking outside in a suit like that.

someon emight smash them over the back of a head with a broken bottle or something.

steal their fancy suit.

the security cameras are up all over the place...

but mostly it's about the quarantine rooms...


there was this whole building... glass wall on the front...

early(ish) days you would see people standing in the windows. faces pressed out. because there were people in the rooms and they were passing time watching passers by.

and they would put signs up. '5 days to go!' or whatever. counting down the days until they were out of their 2 week quarantine.


but now there aren't any faces in teh windows. and there aren't any signs.


etiher their are incapacitating them more properly now, and they are kept in their beds....

or else...

there's nobody home.


on hte ground floor things are fenced off. military coming and going. taxis.

maybe it's an organisational or operational hq.

or maybe...

there's nobody home


people overseas are saying they can't book.

some people are saying it's like they are finding themselves in...

army or police states. various places around the world. yes.


the us had that too... is still having? not sure...

world war III. indeed.


do not travel to new zealand...

it's like that episode of 'mad men' where the visiting traveller does some work for the promise of a coin the next day.

Then they shoo him away.

so he makes a mark on their fence post to tell all the other visiting travellers that dishonest people live there.

nzl: dishonest people live here.

the universities of new zealand won't get theses to external examiners in order to prevent and prohibit timely completion of qualifications.

they are not processing applications to enrol in a manner that is fair.

they are not grading work properly. they are intentionally choosing to construct and keep unfair practices where they know that people are selling the questions / answers and so on.

they are dishonest in their practices.

the legal system doesnt' uphold rul eof law in a timely fashion.

the internal complaints resolution process does not function.

external complaints resolution process also does not function.

bad people live here. bad people are in charge of here.

this is not a clean green land at all. it is full of dirty pollution.

it is a land that is a detention camp prison island for the pedophiles nad criminals of the world.

by it's own design and by it's own choosing.

it refuses to uphold rul eof law. that makes it by iti's own choosing.

it chooses to fill the prisons full of gang prospects (many of whom would do honest work for honest pay if only the government was offering) so tha they prisons are so full of basically decent human beings there's no places left for the white collar white supermacist racist sexist pedophile lying cheating idiots that pass themselves off as our leaders.

it's a f*ck*ng joke of a nation.

a f*ck*ng joke.

there has been nothing here for me on my return.

the brain drain is tihat anyonew with any brains is forced out of this country. the f*ck*ng idiots cling to their titles and dtheir money becuase they know no other nation in the world would put up with them and they'd rather be head of the garbage than part of something worthwhile.




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