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it doesn't matter what the laws are...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 12, 2021, at 14:55:59

when the judiciary refuses to uphold the laws.

the high court judgements read like the judges are employed legal counsel for the government.

i suppose it might be because these are courts of Very Little Precedent (which is kind of like being a bear of Very Little Brain).

I think High Court ruling can only be based on precedent.


I think?

So that's the problem?

No... That's not the problem... The law is clear. The statutes. The statutes are written in English. Which is a language that I speak. The statutes are pretty clear...

And they just refuse to comply with statute. And the courts basically say 'all the court costs against the person who takes them to court for their statute violation' and refuses to.. Declare the law, even. Refuses to read the law out loud to the offending party.

Just won't do it.



I don't think we have prisons.

I don't think we have public prosecutors.

I think we have legal aid people (who are useless) who fill out the... Appearance of legal representation... And we have gang prospects.

Gang prospects are basically people who... The government refuses to allow another way of life to.

They fill the functions of... Well... Let's see...

What was that about the 'New Zealand Experience'?

Best place in teh world in which to be a pedophile and all that...

The drugs and the prostitution and the like.


I understand gambling now.
THe function of it.
I didn't get it before.
I was like 'why do it? I don't understand...'
One rule: 'House wins'. So... Why play that game?

Well... Suppose that you get your money in cash.
Drugs or prostitution or whatever.
Under the table work.
Then you need a way to launder the money.
So gambling... Is a way of laundering the money in the form of 'winnings'.
But the casino takes a cut.
I suppose that is the basic idea of it.

That makes sense.


The courts simply won't deliver meaningful sanctions.

This MMA fighter got pinned down and smashed in the head.

In a street fight.

Only it wasn't a fight. He was pinned down. And smashed in the head.

He was not a brawler. He was an athlete.

He was picked on becuase of the 'kudos' or whatever that some idiot thought they would get taking down an athlete.

He died.

The guy got home detention only.

He should have been put away on murder. Because he was committing a violent crime. And in the course of that someone died. I thought that made it murder. If you break into someones house and pop them on the head then your assault is murder if they die. I was pretty sure. Because your intent to commit a crime.

I thought.

Whatever. It's not rule by law here.


There was something in the news about this guy who has a job in NZ. From Brazil. They let him come with his daughter and his wife.

Then, when he got here, they said that since his daughter had been dx'd with Autism when she was 3 they woouldn't give her an education visa. Or something. Because of the burden she would be on the eudcation system.

So they started a give a little page or whatever and got a few thousand signatures in support. And some minister gave them a special exemption.

Because the law is discriminatory. Apparently. And so there is a special exemption if you suck the dick of the minister thing that we do. ANd that makes it okay.

To raise a kid here saying that this country didn't want her. This best country in the world in which to be a pedophile nation wanted her to be kept home with her parents and not go to school because they thought she was a burden. but she can stay dependent on her dad's visa only. because a special exemption was granted to her by a minister. but the law is saying that since you have a disability you aren't welcome here. because you are a burden. because that's what it meeeeeeeeeeans to have a disability.

Because in upside down and back to front retard-land we go 'nonononononononononononononono nonono' we are not developed. we are not developed at all.

We choose as a nation to be sexist and racist and violate all the rights of the people and just do whatever we want whenever we want because we want...


And just recently we didn't turn on the 3rd coal powerplalnt

(build a server farm in New Zealand!!!! ALl the people whose jobs it was to take the toxic waste from the smelter and you put it in the shed --mmmm kay???? all those people will look after the server farm!!! sure!!! sure!!!! sure they will!!! sounds legit!!!!!)

and electricity was cut off to a bunch of houses.

Becuase we don't need heat pumps or energy efficient heating or insulation. Just run the fan heaters on full all the time (or don't run the heaters at all).

such a f*ck*ng backwards retarded-land.

just keep working... just keeeeeeeep working. just keeeeeeep working alex...


Covid is coming.

no amount of vaccines in the world will open the borders for nzl




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