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Re: it's coming...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 9, 2021, at 18:37:17

In reply to Re: it's coming..., posted by alexandra_k on August 9, 2021, at 18:12:15

People who come here with enough money to be rich... To be self-sufficient. To be able to have slaves of their own should they desire them... Seem to quite like it here. If they can do the wheeling and dealing they might take quite well to how the road is smoothed before them the path is clear. People will make phone calls and things will happen for them. They will be allowed... Various things will happen... They will find that their computer finds a place in quarantine should they want one. They will find their ACC claim approved. They will find their scholarship applications will be successful. They will find jobs should they seek them. They will find high paying jobs should they seek them. They will find money in their bank account that is theirs to do what they will with. Life is good for them. Life has been smoothed.

If only they don't mind or can turn away or pretend not to notice how sickly the people look. How... Gamma baby like. In their black uniforms. Shivering in the cold.

If only they don't mind or can turn a blind eye to the quality of the supposed art...

If they lack those kinds of sensibilities.

If they don't have self-preservation instinct. Or if they simply get all their healthcare overseas... If they don't worry about needing to rely on the public ED...

I suppose they don't know how bad things are in the hospitals. And how private hospitals don't buy you a higher level of competence. Much of the time it's the very same clinicians as those who were trained in the public sector. The clinicians who chose to cheat their way into med. cheat their med exams. cheat the sign off. who chose to engage in unethical research. Who chose to clean their data. who chose to participate in non-consenting procedures. wrongful deaths. sexual violations. the character traits we selected for. the years and years and years of indoctrination and training...

To produce 'medical doctors' that we could send up to Indonesia and the like to go get the problematic leaders and senior officials.



That's not the form of modern day warfare?

Look out people... If you collapse / give up... The medics will get you. If you are lucky their medics will get you. If you are very very unlucky indeed then our medics will get you.

The leaders of NZ have a genocide wish upon their own people.




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