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Re: it's coming...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 9, 2021, at 18:10:47

In reply to Re: it's coming..., posted by alexandra_k on August 9, 2021, at 18:02:17

Subsequently... NZ does not appear to be an approved Medical School, from the perspective of the USA.

There was this thing about where the Otago students were doing their Medical Internships... And they were not going to the USA. I think a couple (very small minority) went into Canada. Various went to Australia.

The majority went 'developing nation'-wards.

And various were found to have gone to places where there is a known issue or problem with them handing over money and getting their photos taken in scrubs before being sent off and out for tourism activities and they were not in attendance at the hospital for the vast bulk of the duration of their internship.

I think in the US you need a Step 1 score before you can do an internship. I think that means NZers are not having Step 1 scores. I think in NZ they encourage people to think that you do Step 1 two years out of Medical School. ANd then our hospitals are so under-staffed that the duration of shifts is spent busy busy busy busy busy. That is to say there is no surge capacity. That is to say there is no scope for you to be in the hospital working on research papers or whatever during down-time.

We are all about how low we can go. How ignorant we can keep our workers. How little we can pay them...

I'm not complaining about senior doctor pay. I'm complaining about how they will only hire them as senior doctors if they consent to work in appalling conditions whereby consent is denied to their patients.

There was some... Glitch. Between the Nurses Union making the complaints about the money always. Then... Something happened. International intervention. Something sensible was said. Something along the lines of 'no amount of money will ever be enough to offer someone to not be able to perform their job that they wanted to do and that they worked to train for'. They made it be about unsafe staffing levels. The government pointed out that declining the pay increase on grounds that it wasnn't abotu the money it was about the unsafe staffing levels meant they were rejecting the proposal that the union had put to the government. In other words, the nursing union was a major instigator in making it be all about the money (where there will never be enough) and preventing it being abou the working conditions (and a job worth doing).

And now the doctors are saying they will strike. And the union is saying it is about the money.

The unions are a problem. The union leaders are particularly problematic. They are usually people who are clinically trained who do not practice because they make more monehy being union leaders. Union leaders are themselves management or administration. Misusing and abusing the union fees for their own personal or private advantage.




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