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Re: it's coming...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 9, 2021, at 18:02:17

In reply to Re: it's coming..., posted by alexandra_k on August 8, 2021, at 21:01:23

I mean...

I emailed the USA people... The people who say that you need to be enrolled in an approved Medical School in order to sit the Step Examinations to practice Medicine in the USA. I emailed them to basically inform them that NZ Medical Schools appeared to only be selecting people who they thought would fail the examinations and they appeared to only be training people in such a way that they would be prevented from passing those examinations... Maybe partly a set-up so that certain people (the kids of the senior officials) would get to go to the USA because, by default, they were thrust in that direction as the only option... But to basically complain about how the people with capacity or capability were being selected against.

And I asked them if I could sit the examinations without being enrolled in Medical School. Because my time wasn't filled up with busy-work giving Medical Students or involuntary detainees belly-rubs all day... My day wasn't filled up with 'aw there there feel better you are sooooooo motivating and inspiring' to all the sexual offending wrongful-death-bringers or baby-sitting employees of the Universities of New Zealand.

They said no...

But I see that subsequently (for various reasons, I know) they have gotten rid of this notion that your Step 1 score gives you a ranking score to be used for the purposes of informing you what 'band',if you like, of specialities you should apply to or for.

Because... Suppose you are from a small town with a small town click of a specialist clinic. Then I guess they will likely have a place for you if you graduate from somewhere... If you want in to what is at least in part a family business. The Step score is not terribly relevant. And suppose you want to be Pediatrician or Family because... Because that's the right fit for you. For your personality. But you end up doing dermatology because you could. For no other reason. That's a tragedy. Not for the managers who like everything to be about the money and everyone to be forced to do the nastiest lowest stupididist worstest fit they can because they like to inforce nastiness on the world... But from any other perspective you like...

The Universities in the US did a... Waiver of the entry test.

Partly because of the cheating thing. Operation Varsity Blues. I haven't seen the movie. But the idea that people were cheating the system. It wasn't a fair system.

If you encourage people to put in 80 applications then saying that a University is highly selective or highly competitive because they get 80x as many applicants as there are available places... Is a scummy scam of a hoax.

The situation is that... The Universities (particularly the Ivy's) are not getting applications. They aren't getting them. They aren't getting applications from gifted and talented... Because that whole thing has been... The signal has been... It is unclear that they want them, anyway... They don't have any money. I think. Or... They are held hostage to people with money intent on gaming the system for personal advantage never mind the broader reaching or longer term things they don't have the capacity to much see or worry about...


ACC is a huge scam in NZ. They have set up computer systems now to deny or decline claims. Then I suppose there is a human over-ride that is authorised by senior officials for political reasons only. Like our quarantine. Like everything in NZ.

NZ shows the world where the world is headed (nasty, bruitish and short) if they don't do various of the things they are doing to prevent society from falling apart.

The rule of law that you have in the US etc. It isn't perfect, I know. But it is so many miles and light years ahead of NZ.

It is f*ck*ng soul destroying living in a country where so many people have to spend their entire f*ck*ng lives all the f*ck*ng energy that they have cry cry cry cry crying for the most basic of needs that would simply be granted most anywhere else lin the world. This constant nastiness and withholding and incapacitating and disabling and this horrible nastiness of people sh*tt*ng in their own backyard. Sh*tt*ng on their neighbours. Sh*tt*ng on their town or their city. Sh*tt*ng on their country. Just sh*tt*ng on everything. Taking up all the resources for themselves and leaving everybody else in the sh*t. Thinking that no matter how bad things get in NZ no matter how small the pie is kept just so long as you are head of the rubbish master of the slaves the pinnacle of the lowest valley... Your tiny little world is a okay.




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