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Re: it's coming...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 8, 2021, at 21:01:23

In reply to Re: it's coming..., posted by rjlockhart37 on August 7, 2021, at 18:26:32

What do I think is coming for the world?


I am not sure about Covid... I think it was likely made or discovered in a laboratory in Hong Kong. I think Hong Kong said 'wear a face mask -- stand with Hong Kong' a good half year before Covid was released. It was released after the people of Hong Kong were wearing their very best gas masks etc to deal with smoke bombs and pepper spray from Chinese authorities...

I think Trump calling Covid the 'Chinese Virus' is a bit of a nod to that. 'Okay, you win, Hong Kong is part of China. Therefore it is the China virus. Welcome to responsibility.'

That was the first NZ authorities had heard of this little thing called 'rule of law'. Why it was that we were supposed to stand for Hong Kong. It was supposed to be that we were supposed to stand for Hong Kong having rule of law. Like we have rule of law.

Yeah, right. We don't even know what rule of law means.

It is written into Australias constitution that NZ is a state of Australia. I don't know that that has been properly rescinded by Australia. I mean to say that Taiwan wants to be independent from China and have a seat on the UN. NZ wants to be independent from Australia and have a seat on the UN. But the Minster of Foreign Affairs of NZ at the time said that Taiwan should 'go home to your master'. That is to say, he thought that the Chinese leaders were comparared or comparable to slave-master and in the face of that his position was that Taiwan should do what it was told.

That's the moral high ground you see in the leadership of NZ.


The UN has gathered much evidence of human rights abuses carried out relatively recently in China. Involuntary detention and organ harvesting etc.

And what do the 'rule by law' nations do in response to this? Stand for rule of law? Or turn a blind eye because they don't value the people of China?

NZ has made it's position clear. We want to turn a blind eye. We want to emulate this false ideology that we have of China committing all these human rights abuses. This is what our leaders of this tiny little tin-pot nation aspire to. They aspire to the Harems of the leaders of the middle-east. They aspire to the slave trading human traffickers of Malaysia... They pick out the very worst things they see and aspire to those... They fail to see that the rest of the world has moved on... Wants to move on... Is moving on... Is developing. Just not NZ.


Covid came at a... Fortuitous?? Time. It came just before things were collapsing. Things were just on the verge of collapsing. Just prior to Covid. In NZ... The general line or view... People were exhausted. Slaves having been driven into the ground. People didn't need to be told twice to stay home and no go to work tomorrow. People were about dropping dead of work.


I don't know the numbers on global population levels.
There is such a thing as carrying capacity... You can't keep exponentially increasing the population forever... Something will happen to curb the population back.
We won't give people access to birth control. We just won't.
So... Covid comes. And many people die.
I was trying to get a handle on whether the death rate was actually higher than normal with Covid (if Covid lockdowns were mostly political).
I think there was more to it than just re-classifying deaths as being from Covid...
I don't know if the death rate had been increasing out of pace with the increasing number of people in the poplualtion?
If there was a sudden jump in the death rate... Or if it was part of a general trend...
I don't know. I suspect there was a bit more to it than that...


I think they were coming for people. The medics. And so on. I think bodies were piling up in the streets. I think there were many... Opportunities. For various people to be got rid of.

I think it would be disingenuous to deny that.


Things needed to change.


The change...


Part of it was 5G I think. Honestly.
The vast volumes of high quality AV that can be transmitted in real time.
That can be stored.
That has enabled high quality surveillance of everything.
Every single thing.
Every little thing.


All the war crimes of the leaders of the world...
All of the false documentation.
All of the people wrongly accused and mislabelled by their governments as criminal offenders as violent as mentally ill.
Like me. Like how my government has labelled me as such.
All of the evidence.
So it is relatively straightforward for them to look into a person and see what their deal is...



What use will the information be put?

It is important, I think, to not think that the calvary will ride in on their white horses... That doesn't seem to be the thrust or gist of things these days...

But... You know... Samoa had an election and the person who has been appointed leader... She seems... Like a person. Not like a... Um... Tyrant autocrat. She is saying health is a priority. Their people are not doing well. Did not do well with Measles. Will be decimated by Covid. Things need to change in Samoa. The people are not doing well.

Things need to change in NZ also. The people are not doing well. We are a supposedly developed nation... But we persistently try and hover around the bottom of that and secretly aspire to all of the evils of developing nations being held back by tyrant autocrat sadists who are too stupid to realise how evil they are.

Very high rates of suicide. ANd a lot of those are really government bullying them to death. And I'm sure at least some are really state murder.

Things are not good here. Things need to change.

A Canadian navy ship is here. Practically out my window ahahaha. Maybe Candada will save us. Haha. It is the first navy ship to arrive... The northern hemisphere is sending ships to these regions...

Things need to change here.

We don't have Universities.
We don't have a health system.





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