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Re: no baseline signal

Posted by alexandra_k on August 8, 2021, at 20:39:49

In reply to Re: no baseline signal rjlockhart37, posted by alexandra_k on August 8, 2021, at 20:29:06

Things are going to get worse, here, before they get better. Parts of Australia are only just (only just, only very very very very just) starting to get hit, now. That is to say community transmission is only very very just getting up off the ground in Australia. In Sydney. Maybe Melborne? not sure about Melbourne? Just the tipy tip of the start of Brisbane. Queensland.

It hasn't got to NZ, yet.

Our ICU nurses are being snapped up by Australia. Cheaper house prices. Better quality houses. Better pay. Better hours. Better working conditions. The whole package. Better in every respect. Every. Single. Respect. What on earth could possibly be a reason to stay in NZ? Nurses are valued in Australia.. Valued more than government bureaucrats. Managers. Administrators. Our managers and administrators would not be 1/2 as valued.. Quarter as valued.. Anyplace else in the world. And people visit here and say they really can't believe how terribly badly and poorly run our country is... So it isn't even like they are earning their pay by doing their jobs well...

When Covid gets to NZ I suppose what will happen... People will arrive with properly fit tested PPE and we won't even see their faces. They'll have proper gas masks or whatever... And they'll take over our hospitals. Because there won't be anybody else left working in them by the time that they get here.

And various people will... Not recover from the Covid.

And then we will see what happens with our hospitals in the longer-term.

People will have vaccine passports. That will enable nations to see from their vaccine passport when they had their vaccines. Particularly, whether they took their vaccines ahead of their turn. That tells the world what psychopaths they are, you see. That they took vaccines ahead of their turn.

I don't know why the world would have (thus far) given NZ anything other than placebo.

I mean... Think if NZ was the one to have developed vaccine... If the NZ mangaers and administrators were in charge of global distribution. Would they have given the small little country at the *rs* end of nowhere with no military to speak of vaccine?? You really think they would be altruistic like that?

Look at how we help Fiji. Look at how we help Samoa...




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