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Re: no baseline signal rjlockhart37

Posted by alexandra_k on August 8, 2021, at 20:29:06

In reply to Re: no baseline signal, posted by rjlockhart37 on August 7, 2021, at 18:08:49

> we have a border system, have a wall and frequently taking in new ... citizen's not sure how to say, but the immigradtion or whatever it's called has increased in the US. There's many people migrants coming into the borders and having a system made for them to be in the US. I'm not expert in explaining.

Yeah. There are various mechanisms for people to go about things lawfully. When people don't go about things lawfully then you worry that they are fleeing the law back home. You can apply for asylum from overseas. Or you can visit and apply for refuge if you are in the country lawfully. But usually you need to attest to something before they allow you in that means you can't apply for asylum once you are there (something about attesting to ties back home that mean you aren't going to apply for asylum once you arrive). There is a greencard lottery, too. But you can't be an overstayer in the US or be there unlawfully when you apply for citizenship. It doesn't work that way. Otherwise there would be no incentive to go about things lawfully.

>But covid regulations are increasing back again becuse of the delta veriant, it's suppost to be worse than covid, and it's spreading here. I guess this is he 2nd pandemic, because .. I got the vaccine, the phizer, and not sure if it would block the delta variant. Hospital are getting full again. Mainly it's people who are not vaccinated. I was scared about the vaccine but i kinda...was forced to get because i live in house where I have to have vaccine.

Yeah. It seems that the vaccine is preventing people from getting seriously ill. But some people who have been vaccinated have been having cold symptoms. A few days of sickness that isn't life threatening. That's the way they are telling the story in the media, these days, anyway.

> In a way im glad, another worried about this side eeffect that happened after i got it. But let's not think about that. New York and California have mandated vaccines, even in some places if you go work, you have to show had the vaccine. Events or, gathering with tons of people, get togethers, it's just when there is large amount of people that are close to eachother at an event, it is triple worse to have delta varient exposure, and that is mainly the unvaccinated. Anti-vaxxers, i'm an anti-vaxxer suprisingly, but i was forced to get it, if live at home to be safe. So, i said ok fine, and got the vaccine. I'm just...worried and you know this thing happnign could be a natural cause not from the vaccine. Anyways there's many mandates for masks, and warnings to unvacinated people.

Co-erced. Strong social pressure. That kind of a thing. It is still the case that the USA mandating that something is compulsory provides more protections to people who dissent than anyplace else. That is to say, the protections for people to not get vaccinated (to be granted exemptions from mandate) on medical grounds.. Also on religious or contientious objection grounds.. Are higher than anyplace else in the world. If you really were really morally or ethically or spiritually or really determined that you did not want to receive a vaccine... Did you look into it? What you would have to do to establish that you felt very strongly about it such that your right to refuse the vaccine would be upheld? Because there such a thing in the USA.

I am actually fairly afraid that NZ is getting Euthanasia meds, apparently, and going to start doing them from September, or something. I don't think this country has the capacity to do euthanasia because the Medical Doctors (or people on payroll as such) the Managers the Administrators.. They don't know what informed consent means. They don't care what people say or what people want all they care about is asserting their own demands and making a bunch of money for themselves. It's really quite frightening.

> I'm...yes im anti-vaxxer - thinking of conspiracy stuff but some of that ... not true. I was watching a video on youtube (prophecy) that east coast would go under water. But let's not talk about that, the delta varient in the US is very bad. I don't know about new zealand, but we're being hit hard here. It's not as bad, as when covid first hit, and we had quarantine to stay in houses. People...really didnt do that, im 2020, i would go out to my girlfriends house, there were as many cars on the highways, there many people out doings, they did have masks, but there were just as many people as regular. I really hope this virus, or these virus's will end. But society is gonna change, were not gonna be the same aftr this pandemic. New era coming

I don't know what will happen...

There needed to be barriers to trade. There needed to be barriers to the movement of people. There needed to be barriers to human trafficking. There needed to be barriers to human trafficking in slave labor. People needed... To have their movement restricted. So they didn't f*ck off overseas lured by false promises of a better life. So they would stay home and claw the money and better working conditions out of the cold dead fingers of the people back home who are busy lie lie lying to migrant slaves trying to accumulate maximum amount of slaves me-wards.

So the borders are locked down in NZ.

No more slave-nurses from Indonesia. Our nursing qualifications for them were a sham. There was no pathway to residency for their families. There were no jobs for them on graduation (not lawful ones).

No more slave-medical doctors from.. India. Spain? Anyplace they'd been struck off the register overseas. Still working on this one...

No more international students? Still working on this one... Limited numbers...

I don't know that NZ is allowed to process visas anymore. By which I mean the people who have control of our software systems (overseas based of course) aren't allowing it.

Things are very bad, here.




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