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Re: it's coming...

Posted by alexandra_k on July 31, 2021, at 23:06:46

In reply to Re: it's coming..., posted by alexandra_k on July 31, 2021, at 22:53:12

I've been watching things in Rhode Island because.... I don't know. Because it is small. So it seemed tractable. In some way. To get a bit of a handle on a small region rather than a big one. Also because of location. Sort of central, but sort of out of the way. If that makes sense. Maybe 4 hours drive east from NY. A few hours from Connecticut. An hour and a bit south from Boston.

And then various things seemed... Prophetic. I don't know.

A got me thinking, some.

There was a private-public hospital merger that I wasn't sure what to make of to start with.

But it seems that it is progress. That things needed to progress in the public hospital. Things were needing to improve. That the merger is a move in an improvement direction.

Like it seemed that the state taking control of the schools was a move in the right direction but difficult... Things are not good, there, in the public sector. But you have to face up to things being not good before you can get a handle on what is going on to get in some improvements...

Anyway... Trying to follow what is going on with the Elenor Slator hospital... And thinking about what is going on with the public hospitals of New Zealand...

One thing they found was someone who they thought was gone. They thought was fired. Who, it turned out, was still on pay-roll. Not going to work. But still on pay-roll.

And it got me curious about who is on pay-roll in our public hospitals. As in, where the money goes. Who actually is on pay-roll. Because, I suppose, there would be alumni donar lists where we can see that darling little junior's parents or grandparents paid $20,000 in order for him to get a $10,000 top anatomy student scholarship, or however that goes. And I suppose there would be similar sorts of things where some people are paid very very cheaply indeed in exchange for... I don't know. Passing themselves off as senior clinician. To simply disguise or hide the fact that the DHB refuses to supply and pay one. So I imagine some people are paid a hell of a lot less than people would think they would be paid. Because they are actually paying the hospital or the university or whatever for the esteemed titles or whatever.

And I also imagine there will be people who don't turn up. Who none of the people who turn up even know who that is. Who are the real money earners. Who knows if they are even located in NZ. Who knows how or why they got inserted into the payroll even.

The records are being hacked, recently. And threats of them being made available online etc. I am not going to try and access any of that. Because it is pointless. Maybe it was altered? Maybe it wasn't. Whatever. But I bet the records of where the money goes are a real f*ck*ng mess. I bet.

The country feels gutted.

When I came back from overseas... When I came up to Auckland. The place just feels gutted. The libraries.. The University... Doesn't really feel like there's anybody home. It just feels empty and gutted. Full of vagrants. Children with no mothers. No professors. Not really. No journals. No conferences. No visiting speakers.. No work in progress. Gutted.

So why wouldn't they let me contribute to development?

Because they are mean spirited f*ck*ng arseholes. Best I can figure. Because they enjoy being kings of the rubbish. Because they seek to be masters of slaves. Because they are nasty people. I'm struggling to see anything else...



Nobody home.

Come on Covid. Here comes the UN. Thank God.

Time to go administration of New Zealand. Grossly incompetent.




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