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Re: it's coming...

Posted by alexandra_k on July 31, 2021, at 22:53:12

In reply to Re: it's coming..., posted by alexandra_k on July 31, 2021, at 22:42:01

They will not pay councellors to provide counceling sessions to kids in NZ.

They will not pay them.

They deny their qualifications.

They deny councelling is effective.

They refuse to pay anyone other than administrators.

They say that the money is to go to GP's and to clinical psychologists. That they are the people to do councelling and not councellors.

They ensure that there are not enough GPs and not enough clinical psychologists becuase they won't pay tehm unless they agree to become managers or administratiors in whcih case they can then take the money and ensure that nobody gets paid for providing councelling to the kids of New Zealand.

Tehy refuse to pay anyone other than managers and administrators in order to ensure taht there is no access to services or whatever in NZ.

They go 'if you don't like it then you can leave'.

Right. Leave administration to their slaves. Leave administration to slaves who have no option of leaving.

What does NZ Citizenship provide? Does it provide freedom of movement? When my passport expires... How am I to afford a new one? Is that freedom of movement? Will the government process my application for one? They don't appear capable of processing anything right now...

They don't pubically advertise employment. That is to say my citizenship has never enabled me to have full time employment in NZ.

I apparently am in debt to the government for 'essential items' like a fridge etc.

I apparently am in debt to the government for a studnet loan for qualiafications it will not acknowledge.

The NZ government keeps me as a slave... There does not appear to be any prospect for emplooyment to pay off debt.

It is unclear that it is possible to live within the law. Which the govenment does so as to have it's citizens branded and labelled by itself and overseas governments as undesirable criminals and as psychiatrically disturbed etc.

'We don't believe in bonding' (e.g., bonded labor. Where you pay off the cost of your training with a period of work) we believe in branding (Labelling or stigmatising or maiming or disabling) so as to keep slaves forever.

So NZ citizenship is worth precisely...



I can't reneg it. Throw it away. Because then I would be stateless.

What is the difference between where I am now and being stateless?

I get a 'payment' each week from the government calleld 'supported living' for my 'disability' that means I am apparenatly 'incapable of full time work' -- otherwise I would get nothing at all.

This is how the government keeps me. This is how the government keeps many of it's people.


What is the UN going to do...

Process the asylum seekers. Because the administration does not change. They were not elected. They are not doing any of the things they are supposed to do. They refuse to share the moeny and resources around. Good people cannot function in NZ. We will not train skilled staff. We will not employ them. We will not pay them. We rely on an endless succession of poached workers from developing nations.

So our borders get shut down.

So 'do not travel to NZ' gets issued to people of various countries.

So we cannot process visa applciations anymore. We cannot process residency applications anymore.

Still we refuse to enrol and refuse to train and refuse to sign off. We refuse to publically advertise. We refuse to employ people who are compeetnt. We refuse to pay them. W e refuse to provide working conditions sucsh that they can function.

This constant f*ck*ng battle that life is here. Because of how administration refuses to allow the people to function.

There's nothing here.

Bring on the Covid. Some people sure as hell need to go. Time to go. Time to f*ck*ng go psychopaths. Nasty Bruitish and Short. How you determined your life must be.




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