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Re: and that is the strategy

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 19:08:02

In reply to and that is the strategy, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:56:48

They broke the social contract.

So that's what Khan Academy taught me.

Rights first.

All the rights. My unlimited rights to whatever I want whenever I want because I want.

I only give up that right (you only get protections from any of that) when you have government that will actually hold people accountable. That doesn't happen in NZ.

The solicitor general is in court recently for how she (as the head of Crown Law) was the head of Crown Law when the Government was refusing to do anything about Dr Leeks giving kids who had done nothing wrong electric shocks on their genitals and other body parts without anasthetic. In the 60's roughly.

Just last year I was involuntarily detained in the hopsital. Various people came to do various things to me whiile I'm being held on a treatment order. People who claimed to be training to be General Practitioners came to rub my belly (awwwwwwww). I can't give informed consent to a belly rub (abdominal exam for no clinically relevant reason) right now because I'm being involuntarily detained under the mental health act for observation and treatment.

A girl who claimed to never have taken blood before took my blood. So she could be observed taking it so she could have her having taken it signed off. This was explained to me. That was teh purpose they took my blood. There is no documentation of my blood being taken by her or anyone during my involuntary detention for observation and treatment under the mental health act.

The psychiatrist... Trained in Spain... Obgyn. Then something must have happened. SOmeting must have happened for him to go from Obgyn in Spain to doing a Masters Degree in Neuroscience with the Univesrity of Otago. And he must have fit in very very very very well with the rape-y culture there to be given a PhD and psychiatry 'training' and accreditation and to be now on faculty as professor of psychiatry at Auckland Univesrity and hired by the Auckland District Health Board as Psychiatry Consultant.

He doesn't appear to have signed any medication forms. But he did write in my notes how I was to be given an IM injection if I refused to take medication orally.

In other words: I was to swallow whatever I was given on demand (without teh authorisation for that) otherwise they would arrange for several security guards to drag me into anothe rroom. Pull down my pants. And give me an injection in my buttocks. When I was non compliant with their demand fo rme to swallow a pill that there was no documentation on then that was what was to happen to me.

On his orders.

That's the state of psychiatry in NZ.


Do it properly or shut it down


ANd half a million for him?
half a million for him?

Half a million for the person who found him?

I'm sure they searched and they searched and they searched and they searched for someone who would fit in with the dominant culture in NZ.

The vision or view they had for the future of psychiatry in NZ.

They searched out someone who did something... ANd they needed to get rid of him.

ANd I'm sure he wasn't allowed anywhere near patients until he had established himself as someone who would in fact repeat a painful procedure for no other reason than because he could.

That's precisely what they were looking for.




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