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and that is the strategy

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:56:48

In reply to Re: the government is still stealing, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:47:27

and that is the strategy for holding everything back.


the state of the world is that England and Australia and the USA and Canada are at 100 on some thing...

and maybe there are pockets... Some states are sitting on 80 or 70. Maybe Ireland or Scotland is sitting on 85, I don't know. Then Germany, France etc etc.. The developed world sitting on various numbers around there.

Then NZ will come in with a 45.

And when people go 'hurry up, New Zealand! Get with the programme, New Zealand! You are a 'developed nation', New Zealand, course, course, course you are. You CAN do it. You CAN. Come on New Zealand, permission to develop and get with the programme already!!!'

The opposition (the opposing party, the leader of the opposition) will come in with an offer of 20.

And say 'slooooooooow dooooooooooown New Zealand. Development isn't right for us. We don't have to. You can't make us. We won't. There isnt' anything you can do about it'.



We can lock things out so (by default really) you become a concentration camp island. All the people who fled nations with more developed laws because they did not want to live with the protections.


Socrates. Right. He didn't flee. Right. Why didn't he flee? Because the country that raised him. He lived in that nation and he profited from the education and so on that he got in virtue of being raised in that nation. THe level of education he got. The quality of life etc etc etc. So he did not flee.

Whereas me... Let's have a little chat about the protections (legal and actual) that were given to me, being raised in this hell-hole of a nation. Let's look how the government has intentionally chosen to install a quarantine booking system that prioritises computer system hackers (people who can programme a spam bot to refresh the page and auto-fill the data) while making it impossible for other people to book a place. Other people with legitimate claims.

The government intentionally refuses to install a system with the fairness of library for how books go to people on wait list for them in turn.

The government intentionally chooses to become a wasteland for people who do not wish to live within the law. NO protections from the law. No recourse to any of that.

They deserve to have their faces shashed in with hammers. They deserve to be strung up like pinyatas and belted with sticks until the money fall out of them.

Nobody wants to live, like this.

Therefore suicide rates.

It's a no brainer. You need to be cmopletely and utterly brainless to not see what is going on.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.

Filling up the prisons so there's no room for them, apparently.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.




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