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the government is still stealing

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:43:08

In reply to Re: human rights commissioner pays bribe, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:28:23

every other developed nation has done some kind of national apology or recognition thing for something along the lines of a stolen generation. the government taking the kids of the indigenous people and basically arranging for them to be held or detained in conditions where they were kept deprived and abused and where the only sort of education that was appropriate for them was training to be indentured servants or slaves to the elite.

new zealand hasn't properly faced up to any of that...

because it is still happening.

to a very very very large extent.

none of the internal complaints resolution processes work, in new zealand. you have to hunt about to find the process and then people refuse to follow the process. the process is in practice set up to delay and obstruct and prevent. give people ample opportunity to destroy evidence. ample opportunity to blame the victim and bully them verbally and ignore them and try and waste their time setting them irrelevant and unncessary tasks. 'we won't progress your complaint unless you do x and y and z and...' just time-wasting b*llsh*t nonsense. just complete and utter garbage. just nobodody home.

another half a million for the human rights commissioner.
another half a million for him.
see why he is paid so much?
he was the very very very very very very very very best person for the job.
the job that they publically advertised?
the job that they hired the best person for.
they gave people applications so they could apply -- right?
they hunted high and low and even considered applicants from overseas...
all the quality people -- right?
anyone with a history of pedophilia?
anyone who was incapable of passing a multiple choice test on human rights?

they really went over and above and beyond...

to hire the imposter.

to prevent and prohibit the development of rights in new zealand.


the lengths they go to.


where is my degree?
for the 1 year research project i completed in 2018.
on the topic of 'disability and equity for medicine and public health'
it was about how there isn't any disablitity (or equity) in medicine or public health in new zeealand.
how anything that looks like it might be... is 'ironic' or whatever. is actually a very very very thinly veiled case of discrimination.
in an attitude of 'hahaha and what are you going to do about it -- nothing!'
you should see what the international community will sign off on...
because so few pieces ever get sent their way.
so they'll sign off on just about anything.
'well, it's from nz and when did you last get a research output from there??? we have to give them something or nobody from there would have any qualifications at all'.
and in this manner they hope to get all the sons of the elite their qualifications.

by 'there is no alternative'.

like jacinda ardern.

who is not showing her face in public right now. because there's only one way for her to go in the polls.

and because national party can't get it together.
couldn't follow the regulations on nomination of 3 candidates.
simply couldn't allow the people to choose according to process.
simply must force the outcome they wanted.
the nasty tactics the natioanl party used to try and eliminate one of it's own candidates by trying to destroy her credability.
she was a competitive bodybuilder (in her past) so they distributed photographs of her in competition to try and discredit her as politician.
that whole strategy... elite white supremacy. a demonstration of that.
then the boag thing. using patient data for own personal profits or perceived policitical gain to self in a way that showed complete and utter diregard and disrespect for the people in the electorate.
then the whole turning against todd muller (the chosen leader) which was justified becuase they bullied him so much he started having panic attacks or similar which means they were entitlted to bully him so much...
the ousting of simon bridges because they didn't need him...
until they realised he was the only non-white face and they needed him...

the sheer and utter incopmetence.

'there is no alternative'.

that's why jacinda will get in. because there is no alternative.

that's not a demoracy.




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