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Re: human rights commissioner pays bribe

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:28:23

In reply to human rights commissioner pays bribe, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 10:44:05

the human rights people in new zealand are useless.

i don't think they would pass a well developed or designed multiple choice test that tested the most basic level of reading comprehension about what rights are.

i don't think they understand.

they yappity yap yap yap on about 'what rights mean to me' which, of course, always turns out to be things different and other and they intentionally seem to be muddying the water. confusing the picture.

there's a t shirt


that the human rights commissioner was wearing.

because 'to him' human rights are about the three 'r's'.

that is to say:

first you have responsibilities to the mongrel mob. mongrel mob forever. that's a maaori gang. you have responsibilities to the mongrel mob. to take the time for the crime that was done by someone else (maybe by the son of the local esteemed white person) and by doing the time for the crime committed by someone else you get your patch.

and that means that instead of being stuck in this place of being starved and so on by the new zealand government... you have effectively been sold into slavery to the maaori gang. and you can be housed in the prisons. or you can be housed in the gang pad.

and you can be housed wherever females with gang associations are housed. once the females move in then the males follow and stay there because that's what relationshipsi means. it means that it is culturally appropriate for you to be a member of the gang. for life.

your rights come last.

of course.

says the human rights commissioner of new zealand.

your rights come last.

buried under the burdern of youre relationships that you can never get out or away from and your responsibilities to your people such that you can never get out or get away from any of that.

says the human rights commissioner of new zealand.

who was hired precisely becuase he is a useless lump who has done a great deal to prevent and prohibit and obstruct the development of human rights in new zealand. most particularly for maaori.

all the government parties of new zealand are very anti rights. much work went into things by both governments (national and labor) to say that human rights were fundamentally incompatible with the treaty. to say that maaori leaders (that is to say the maaori who were picked out by the government to lead by way of giving them money and suits and houses and cars etc etc etc)... the maaori leaders had the right to form an elite supreme group of maaori to lord above the rest of the maaori comparably to how the elite white supermacists reigned over masses and masses of white endentured servants who were littl emore than slaves.

equity or equality for maaori means that maaori leaders get to oppress and enslaave and impoverish and violate the rights of their own people... just as the elite white minority does.




that's what human rights means to me (and i'm the only person who gets a say in the situation).

alllllll the rights for me (and none of the responsibilities).


it was strange to me that Khan Academy teaches that everyone has naturally unlimited rights.

that is to say i have the right to smash you over the head with a hammer, human rights commissioner. i have that right.

the social contract is when i give up some of my rights in exhange for certain other things.. i give up my right to smash you over the head with a hammer in exhange for you doing your job. the job for which you are paid. or giving the money back and getting the f*ck out of it, ya mongrel.




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