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Re: I don't know what to do

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 16:08:06

In reply to Re: I don't know what to do, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 15:55:53

i don't think we even have medicine anymore.

the highest ranked 'doctors' in the hospitals appeared to be 'registrars'. that's like... people who have been accepted into a specialist training programme. like... kind of our version of getting a match. an actual training place out of medical school.

but it isn't like out specialist training programmes are particularly structured. i mean... it isn't like there is a cohort of first years and a cohort of second years and...

it is that there is 1 registrar who is most senior doctor present in the hospital.

so 1 registrar (student of psychiatry) signs the forms. that she's told to sign. by the managers and administrators. i suppose.

and that's it. that's all there is here. there's nothing here.

apparently they aren't going to allow registrars in... anasthesiology. at waikato hosopital anymore. for various issues. compliance issues mostly. the university refuses to comply with various things the anethestiologists say they need for safe training and practice so they say they can't let the studnets train in thier hospitals anymore.

and so on... for all the specialities. they are going away. not here anymore. because we refuse to do the most basic of things that are needed for them to function.

who was training her?


she was put to work already. ot make sure the job was not done. not by her. not by anyone.

then who will do anasthesiology?

one of two things happen...

the 'rural' docs in australia. the idea that in rural communities... isolated from hospital... what you got? babies being born. so anasthetics. and you need to help the baby out or it will die to different degrees. right? so ruralist people get certificates or whatever that allow them to administer anasthetics (general) for surgery. for obgyn. they are obgyn you see. because in these rural communites there's nobody else. they are it. the best chance there is.

they have tkaen over the christchurch hospital apparently. they are passing them off as general surgeons. because there isn't anyone else.

apparently nz is starting to say we don't need to do any of the things that are required for the australasian specialist colleges to be able to have consultant specialists and to train studnets.. we will make up our own qualifications1!!!! and they cab be about how much money people pay bribes to in the university??!!



that's the idea??

aka: we don't have medicine in nz. it's been forced out. it's been forced out of here. by the rapist pedophile sexo offenders opportunistic.. didn't want to do things properly wanted to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. prepared to take money for ensuring the job is not done by anyone.

that's what's happened with the development of medicine in nz.

under the watch of the district health boards. of course. and also, compiling evidence now, the ministry. the ministry of health. the procurement process ties in so well with the whole failure to enrol process. failure to sign off process. the only research projects they would fund. the only people they would employ to ensure that job was not done by anyone.





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