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I don't know what to do

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 15:40:15

In 2018 I completed a 1 year thesis so as to be enrolled in Medicine with the University of Auckland in 2019.

They didn't want to enrol me (because they are corrupt) so they refused to acknowledge that I completed the thesis and they refused to enrol me in Medicine.

They were required to enrol me in Medicine. Likely. They were supposed to rank order score me (from my GPA, UMAT / UCAT exam score, interview score) but they miscalculated my GPA and then refused to acknowledge I completed the recent degree. Then Waikato started messing with my previous transcript altering enrolment dates etc to try and lower my previous GPA.

Which is all corrupt.

In 2019 I apply again because they can't deny I completed my thesis forever and because I have original paper transcripts that were given to me when the previous Degrees were conferred. So any alteration they make now on their online system is evidence of their own corruption only.

I exhaust internal complaints resolution process at both Universities and they close ranks all the way and refuse to put things right.

I complain to the Ombudsman and it takes, like 1 year, for him to say he doesn't see anything unreasonable. Because he is blind, deaf, and he plays dumb. What he refuses to see in the prisons etc. The hospitals. That's why they hire him.

I complain to the New Zealand Vice Chancellor's Committee (Universities NZ) because Waikato did what all our Universities do of forcing studnets to re-enrol for extended periods (pay facilitation or bribe or exit payments) on graduate research degees when this is not what external examiners said should happen with their thesis. The Universities ALWAYS ROUTINELY RELIABLY force things to run over-time by demanding studnets make changes to their theses that were not required by external examiners.

He refuses to get the evidence to the police. I was apparently the only complaint he acknowedged all year (he was not overwhelmed) and he refused to get the complaint of seroius wrong-doing to the police.

The serious fraud office is too busy investigating policital campaign donations that were undisclosed to do much of anything else.

They barely get to do much on the procurement process. How the government will only pay the 3 or 4 people they always pay to ensure the work is not done. Is not done by them. Is not done by anyone.

I get High Court Judgement about NZVCC and Univeristy of Auckland.

No natural justice yet.

The judgement is... A foil?? That I'm suposed to appeal to the Court of Appeal.

Only I'm thinking...

There is no foil. Thereis just 'justice delayed is justice denied'.

That is to say there is no justice.

So I'm presently writing and re-writing and re-re-writing and re-re-re-writing applications for waiver for security for costs. Because normally I'd have to pay around $7,000 to the courts in case I lose to be allowed for the case to proceed to the court of appeal.

And they are... Pretending not to??? See any of this as a matter of public importance when the education industry (international studnets) or you know child sex trafficking is our major source of income.

Judgement about Roe v Waikato is due today.. On the University of Waikato.

I don't have high hopes becuase I haven't seen any indication of justice yet.


So how long does it take for the court of appeal?

But why think there would be justice there?

How long does the supreme court take?

Why think there would be justice there?

At what point do I say 'this is unreasonable' and take it to the UN. There's nothing here. Pay out ASAP and get the f*ck out.

That's what NZ always does. Forces people with the capacity to do anything to flee. Nobody with teh capacity to do is allowed to do here.

Unless you are a pedophile of ocurse. IN whcih case it's the promised land.


They are required to train me.

And then it's like... Every f*ck*ng day...

Whinging whining complaining moaning bitching griping...

By those paid an excess of $100,000 per year.

To ensure it stays pedophile desirable.

I suppose that's it.




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