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Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:56:26

In reply to Re: judgement today!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:49:01


would people from china want to study or work in transplant surgery in australasia.

i mean...

medicine in china is significantly more advanced.

they developed their own vaccine (safest vaccine in the world).

they have been getting good results with organ transplants.

i understand there are ethical issues with how they are sourcing their organs. but in the spirit of 'they may as well have their eyes poked out' how are we sourcing our organs?

i think we have been purchasing various things from India where the source is dubious. antibodies. that have been produced by humans. stem cells. for transplant. i think that the government even wrote our kid cancer people a blank cheque to go purchasing those things...

they are sort of trying to hush hush it.

i wouldn't tell everyone everything if i could tell the person up the hierarchy and have them do their job.


i complained appropirately.
and documented how every single person involved in the complaints resolution process refused to do their job.
for how much time is it reasonable to give people to sort things out in house before you go over their heads?

stuart mccutcheon said 'your application was declined because you were ineligible'.

but the education act says domestic adults are eligible.

so he (the vice chancellor of the university) doesn't appear able to parse the education act. what it says about who he is required to enrol in his univesrity.

because he thought he could choose. they were deciding 'what degree was right for you'. adn mostly they were focused on children for the purposes of sexual abuse.

still are.

tick tock.

they are required to train me!!!!!!


do your job... or give the money back and walk away.





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