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judgement today!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:35:06

In reply to Re: dirty surgical equipment, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:23:53


the high court judgement.

pertaining to how the university of waikato:

- refused to enrol me in the degree i applied to (without grounds, in violation of the education act)

- recorded false enrolment information

- refused to get a thesis submitted for examination out to external examiners (in violation of the education act which requires them to allow studnets to work to international standards of scholarship)

- based the outcome of examiantion on things other than the reports of examiners (in violation of calendar regualations and the education act)

- refused to base the outcome of examiantion on the reports of examiners (in violation of the education act)

- keeping false records. the statute says the penalty for keeping false records is, like, up to a few thousand dollars per infraction and up to a few hundred per day until they put it right.

they have had every opportunity to put it right. and they refuse.

they pretend to be too stupid to follow the law.

they proclaim the laws don't matter because they just do whatever they want and who is going to stop them?


high court judge of new zealand.

it's pretty fuckign obvious.

all we are waiting for is natural justice. a fair judgement.

can you do that?

or does the fact that the top law firm in waikato got all implicated in giving them legal advice that they could effectively do whatever they wanted with impunity mean that they get a by.


i mean... the university of waikato would only graduate those student lawyers -- right?

and the university would only employ those who told them what they wanted to hear?

and you know, business as usual in new zealand.
and even though nobdoy has removed a judge for incompetence ever... you aren't going to do your job because...

well lets see.


so it's not about the money.

i mean... the performance based research fund.
why didn't they take the money for my thesis submission?
why didn't they send a chapter out to get published?
why don't they start their own journal and put their people's work in it?

for the performance money.

it's not about the money.

wiring peoples jaws shut.

it's not about the money.

it's not about the money at all.


half a million for me
half a million for me
half a million for me

to abuse you
you are a slave
kept in conditions of deprivation.


now we see what it is all about

all the perverts


i mean... why would you take a bunch of money you got legitimately.. and trek it to some developing nation that doesn't even have a capital gains tax yet?

why would ayesha want a house in the maldives?

why would the univesrity to buy the vc a party party pary house with a dungeon basement to do business?


what a f*ck*ng joke of a country.

why not try. *try*. just a little bit of *try*.

always dragging the f*ck*ng heels 'it's too hard we can't'.

not contributing to the development of the world.

only workign to undo everything.

that's the problem with new zealand. things are very corrupt here.
there is no background of cooperativity for mutually beneficial outcomes.
they don't understand.
all the cna do is sums over the psychopaths.




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