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dirty surgical equipment

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:06:04


nobody saw that coming.

apparently the problem is that the building isn't fit for purpose.

that's a cue to build a building that's intentionally designed to be not fit for purpose maybe 50 years from now.

then, by the time it's built the problem will be not enough staff.

then, by the time the staff are trained and graduated there won't be a fit for purpose building anymore.

it's the cunning plan to prevent and obstruct and hold up development for as long as possible for not really much other reason than

half a million for you
and half a million for you
and half a million for you
and half a million for you

all the people at the mini-sickness and disease. ministry of we like to grow our business by incapcicating as many people as possible and holding them under conditions of...

think of the matrix with the robo-mini-government workers. looking after all the people. in their aged care institutions. or you know broadening their business to put younger people in there too. all the people in their pods.

just oil. just ground up people parts for the robo-workers at the mini-sickness and disease.

i applied for a job as a sterile supply technician.
didn't get it.

i guess i wasn't the best person for the job.

who is the best person for the job?

someone who keeps their mouths shut. if it looks clean it must be clean -- right? if it looks dirty it doesn't matter because it's been steralised -- right? it's been heat treated even though there's water drips on it...

and who are the best surgeons?

the ones who don't mind about using clean equipment. the ones who don't mind abuot there not being any fit tested masks. the ones who keep their mouths shut.

i'm wondering about the otago new engineered wire your mouth shut device.

it's not plausible.

we don't have engineering that's that well developed. it's not plausible to think that that came out of the university of otago, at all.

it's fake news. obviously.

what's the idea?

i guess it's like 'look at the kind of thing that the nz government would fund'. indeed.

and what happens when someone vomits and can't clear it because their mouth is wired nearly shut?

who do you sue?

did the nz government waive the manufacturers liability?

is that because they decided to bet against natural justice as the outcome of the judicary in nz?

they said you could still talk with your mouth wired nearly shut.

but i am sure what they really meant is that people really couldn't listen to you any less than they already do




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