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Re: oooooooh it's because he's *maaori*

Posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2021, at 22:06:45

In reply to Re: oooooooh it's because he's *maaori*, posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2021, at 21:58:25

awwwwww poooooor them. i'm soooooo sorry they didn't get the help that they needed. perhaps they can console themselves with their piles and piles and piles and piles of money.

go party with ayesha in the maldives.

or something.

pedophile party is it? all the 'gifted and talented' 16 year olds you want to train to give unauthorised cervical examinations to each other in the name of 'medical treatment'?

that's the plan??

stuff like that?

that's how come they refuse to allow medicine to develop in nz -- right?

because it's all just a front for the rich little psychopaths.

becuase their parents get off in enabling it. there' ssomething... vicarious. about it.

thinking of sin city. the parent. enabling. there was something vicarious about the experience of power for the parent who enabled it.

that's what medical selection is like in nz.

the boys carefully picked to go give abortions in the rural communities.

the torture devices.. the old ob gyn equipment in display cases aroudn the buildings at otago university. as sort of adveritisement of the unlimited power to torture women most intimately.

to sort of remind everyone the true motivation behind why it is that people's parents woudl be induced to pay thousands and thousandds in alumni donations to have their kids magicked into going and being general practitioners in rural communities about the country.



i mean.... i'ts obvious to everyone really. people just shut up because...

because this isnt' the free world. at all.

they won't even get an academic thesis out to examiners for examination for the degree the studnet applied to be enrolle din.




are the imbicels?

or are they willful. in full knowledge. responsible.

'it's not black and white you idiot'


and 'correlation doesn't prove causation' is what you learn in first year psychology.

and 'always begin by cleaning your data' is what you learn in high school stats.

so only those who begin by cleaning their data get their studies approved (so the results aren't worth the paper they often aren't printed on anymore these days anyway).

just proclaiming the third world status of nz to the developed world.

is all.

undremining the quality and integrity of nz qualifications and education and all the things actually.

just proclaiming the nasty dictatorship that it is for all the world to see.

how's your son john key? what did your money buy him?

do you think you will go down in histrory for your contribution to the development of investment banking in nz?

or maybe you actually weren't any good as an investment banker.

and that's how you go tot be leader.




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