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Re: oooooooh it's because he's *maaori*

Posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2021, at 21:58:25

In reply to Re: oooooooh it's because he's *maaori*, posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2021, at 21:36:01

i know that mostly it's just about keeping your mouth shut and your head down.

being able to blank your face or gush when called upon.

that seemed to be what they were checking in the med school interview.

checking to see that what you were saying would falter. slow. halt. at any flicker of... disapproval. from them. and it wasn't about them listening to what you said (or listening to what you had to say in response to the question. often). it was about them seeing how you responded to their disapproval.

if you would immediately shut up. back track. if you could be induced to contradict yourself.

not because they ordered or instructed it of you. but because they didn't need to. you simply complied with what they wanted because you (rightly) understood that your survival (selection, your being given applications, your having your applications processed etc etc etc) was entirely dependend upon that.


but that's not the way to become a medical doctor.

aka: nobody gets to become a medical doctor because they are so focused on complying with arbitrary whims and desires of their superiors (particularly when it becomes about doing that at the expense of the patients).

they are preventing and prohibiting and denying and refusing to train people to become medical doctors in nz.

we don't have them.

we have a bunch of people too afraid to speak out about the abusers and rapists and pedophiles etc etc etc.

i do understand that the main problems are few and far between actually.

most people are just trying to keep their heads down.

thats why they are so determined (those at the top) to treat me badly. to set me up as an example of how you will be ingnored and mocked and vilified. and so on. for speaking out and so on. scapegoating. murdering lonesome strangers. all the moral depravity... and so on and so forth.


how... boring.

aren't they getting it yet?




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