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oooooooh it's because he's *maaori*

Posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2021, at 21:29:59

that's the implication that david parker feels oh so very smug about. the implication is that they didn't fund him because he's maaori. that's how the conversation led into bickering and bitching and moaning about the fact that one of the governments signed up to the convention on the rights of indigenous people by stealth there.

see... the government only does business with the maaori who work to ensure that the majority of the people (maaori or non maaori) don't have any rights.

rinse and repeat for all the other groups that there are in nz.

it's like... democracy. back to front and upside down.

like trying to get morality out of summing together enough individuals who act from the most basic levels of depravity and self-interest at the expense of others and so on.

thinking that if you put enough sh*t together and compress it for long enough over enough time a diamond will emerge out of the situation.

feed the people enough contaminated organs of each other.

and so on.

but david parker is all smugity smug smug because you can't prove that you didn't fund him because he's maaori.

they have a million other exuses (an infinity of them in the wings).

1) he didn't get an application form to fill out (hahahhaha we simply don't give people application forms to prevent and prohibit them applyling that's how democratic procurement works didn't you know!!)

2) he didn't fill it out properly by the deadline. we have a bunch of things we made up to say that 'we didn't fund him because of'...

lets see the infinity of reasons...

3) he didn't get ethics approval. of course the only people we will allow on the ethics boards are people who sign off on all and only what we tell them to. dentistry torture. yes. funded. medical torture. yes. funded. date rape drugs for kids on maraes. yes. funded. immobilise rats to be model of coma patient so we can see what happens. yes. suitably depraved without scientific justification to be funded.

4) the counsellors weren't accredited.




by the time the registration bodies signed off on all and only the pedophiles and the like...

there weren't any places left.

the bribes you had to pay teh registration body so that they would still acknowledge you.

the facilication payments to the university.

the alumni donations so they say you graduated (only if you didn't meet criterion obviously) and the lack of paymlent of bribees which means they refuse to acknowlege you completed your degree.

could we really be doing any worse on the world stage?

highest suicide rates.

the danger isn't covid it's suicide.

we will force people to be immunised against covid and they 'll kill themselves that they aren't free.

good job!!!!

are you listening yet?

where's my money?

you keep paying my pho to say i'm intellectually retarded.

yeeeeeeees. i know you are.

uh. and what am i?

oh yeah. the person who doesn't suck up your *ss*s all day.

well then murder me in my sleep.

nz is not a developed nation. at all.

our tyrants refuse to allow the new zealand people a way of life.




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