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Re: ethics approval

Posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2021, at 21:04:01

In reply to Re: ethics approval, posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2021, at 20:56:01

i mean how did we get our suicide stats so high?

was it intentional or not?

they are not listening.

time to go.

not me. them.

the brain drain: aka when the most talented people in nz are forced to flee by the nz government because they will not tolerate talent when ashley bloomfield (and other ministry officials) have children who are to receive all the money and all the power to abuse and torture and rape and...

it's their inheritance. right?

their birth-right.

what it is that ashley bloomfield has been working for.

to give them a 'better' life. right?

the best life. the best life that all the resources can buy. right?

at everybody elses expense. at the expense of the people.

oooooh mighty leaders. how your people loooooove you. suuuuuure they do. tatooing you on their skin they loooove the fact that you take all the resources for your self and your own they just loooove you. that's what love is. sure. yeah. right. course. obviously. clearly.

i think the issue is that he likes to think of himself as working class. and part of that conception of himself means taking the bus in wellington. and he doesn't want to wear a face mask on the bus. and he doesn't want to see other people wearing face masks either. because the situation is entirely under his control. right. he's responsible for the successes... right.

the fact that we would be late to be hit (because of geography) and we waited until EVERY OTHER COUNTRY had locked their borders down (our advantage was geographic).

and his order was unlawful. he didn't do any of the things he was required to do for it to be lawful.

which was grounds for his removal from office.

and the courts wouldnt' because...

well... best i can figure things aren't any less corrupt in law than they are in medicine or in government generally.




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