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you can't prove ministry officials actively worked

Posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2021, at 19:58:57

for nz to have the highest suicide rates in the world.

you can't proooooooooooooooooove it.

says david parker.

like how they go 'you can't proooooooooooooooooove that smoking causes lung cancer'

you can't 'prooooooooooooooooove us wrong therefore we win!!' hahahahhaha we are toooooooo stuuuuuuupid to know it when we see it to know it when we hear it...

the sensibleness. the people speaking good sense. for a change. in international policy documents. in international law. how it was that the courts developed the capacity to put an end to f*ck*ng imbecels ruining things for us all.

because they learned in their university statistics to start with 'cleaning' their data. and all and only the doctored data would be accepted for publication.

just because you don't normally usually standardly listen to the internatioal community saying 'your 'world first' research is not 'first world' it is inhumane and barbaric and would never have got ethics approval most anywhere else in teh world'.

just because awwwwwww pooor you it hurts you to hear people say 'wtf???'

it isn't like people in nz haven't been saying differently.

they get off on it. the idea of dentists as torture people. that's the main attraction -- no? i mean, that's the ideology in nz. why you would want to be one. that's the motive for all the bribe your way in and so on. it can't be about teh monehy because the government doesnt' fund dentistry...


i did wonder for a while there why kiwi comedy was so garbage. the television shows they would fund. they would be shows that normalised violence and belittling others. racism. these sorts of things were funny. only they weren't funny. they were offensive. cheap jokes aren't funny they are offensive to most people.

and these are the only comedy things that are funded.

something like flight of the concords was genuinely funny. which is of course why they needed to flee to ny. nobody would give them any resources in nz. the idea was to starve them out. shut them down. the people with all the money didn't want people to be exposed to something genuinely good.

they did have some kind of imposter syndrome awareness that they weren't funny. weren't able to write good comedy. and so on. but they had all the money. and they chose to invest the money in things that were offensive and dumb. starve out anything that would expsose them as the imposters they were.

they didn't care about comedy. about the devleopment of comedy. the overall goal or point or purpose or reason. undremine the whole out of bitterness. paid to look after comedy so rip the wings off the butterflies and make sure no comedy is produced in nz.

why wouldnl't we think the ministry of health officials job is to promote sickness and death. like we see everywhere else. people taking all the money grabbing it grubbing it refusing to share preventing and prohibiting the things it was supposed to go to and be for.

crown law's function is to make sure that natural justice is never attained by the people lparticularly when the executive is immoral or corrupt or incompeent due to mass delusion or whatever.

and so on...


why doesn't anybody think shane reti is maaori?

winston peters. why not say winston peters is the prime example of why we don't need specially designated maaori seats?


it is a distraction this whole thing about the rights of indigenous people being separate or distict from the rights of people.

but those in governance are too stupid to understand. those who are apparenntly 'most qualified' well follow the trail of money how they grubbed and lied and so on to proclaim they have qualifications.

how did your kids do in their epidemiology exams ashley bloomfield?

i am genuinely curious about what you used your government half a million per year salary to do with tehm... what did you do with them? did you pay for htem to go to curtin? were they public or private schooled? home schooled? did you supervise their examinations? did they have a small group of friends?





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