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leading the world in compliance

Posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2021, at 17:53:29

In reply to Re: mike king's charity didn't get funded because..., posted by alexandra_k on July 1, 2021, at 17:40:22

why is it that the nz government reckons that more of it's people will comply with government directive to get a vaccination than any other developed nation...

and that somehow...

this 'world leader in compliance' thing illustrates or indicates something *desirable*?



why is it a good thing to have a compliant population?

i mean...

it gets me thinking 'the government doesn't know what voluntary means. it is saying that the 20 per cent or whatever it is getting are... basically being bullied or conned or...'

what is it? what is the special sauce that makes the nz population so compliant?

could it be that the people trust the government? does it seem likely? people are complaining tha they are not being heard and they are not being listened to left right and centre. the adverse event reporting shows people do not trust the health system and we are not happy we don't have accesst o the medications and procedures and treatments that are routinely performed in other developed nations. we are not happy about any of that at all.

so there's nothing in the vicinity of trust in our health system to account for a higher than usual or standard or typical uptake okf vaccine.

maybe our people are better educated and are making better informed decisions when it comes to trusting the science and research that has gone into things. let's just suppose that better education could result in increased uptake. seems plausible. now lets look at our under-performing education system and how poorly we are doing on international standards of literacy and numberacy and so on. doesn't seem plausible that that's responsible then, does it.

so what is it? what is it that...


the new zealand people to comply with what chris hipkins has decided is right for you.

oh mighty government who didn't believe in airborne tranmission or face masks (they aren't 100 percent effective therefore they are useless) or... there being any treatment at all for viral infections (if you have cold or flu like symptoms just stay home people don't go to the doctor they will say awwwwwwwww there there feel better it's probably a virus therefore there is no medication no treatment for you).

why does the government think it reflects well on it that it plans to force compliance rates higher than those of developed nations with rule of law?

they don't have teh capacity to grasp the ideology...


there is a small group of maaori leaders. of the 'city mission has given us food to distribute to our people' variety.

they are goign to get together and yakkity yak yak yak yak about what they want and what their aspirations and goals and so on and so forth are. their aspirations and goals to stay in charge of the food supply to their people. to keep earning what they are earning and making all the decisiosn on the behalf of their people.

and they are going to do that in the name of the rights of indigenous people.

they wouldn't pass a multi guess quiz on what the document that was signed up to says.

because they didn't sign it. they reckon. therefore it is not binding on them.

and they aren't going to read it.

because they are in the process of writing their own document of the demands of what they must have otherwise... they will withhhold even more from their people - hostages.

because maaori leaders have the same rights as everybody else to keep slaves etc.

of course.


that's it.

they nailed it.

you see why the government keeps these ones on. right? the leaders who deny the rights of their people.

i don't know they have the capacity to understand them.

at the start of my thesis in 2018 the nz government commissioned a page on 'equity' where the people they commissioned to wouldn't have been capable of passing a reading comprehension multiple choice quiz on what the UN was saying.

this inability to go: 'wow. a lot of really smart people have contributed to this. i genuinely cannot think of anything that hasn't been included in the document already. and given that... what are you working on now? what is in it's infantile stages? maybe i can contribute to that...'


it would be like if they insisted on not giving their people computers until they developed the capacity to make them themselves.

they aren't doing so well with the written language.

because traditional thinking is iconographic.

and there wasn't trade or whatever developed to keep track of numbers of anything... not that the leaders have allowed or acknowledged or kept record of... not insofar as i can see...




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