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Re: willful stupidity

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 20:08:33

In reply to Re: willful stupidity, posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 19:58:31

I'm trying to establish whether the district health boards refuse to employ people who are competent...

Or whether it is that they will only employ people who will not go to work.

I mean to say, I am trying to establish whether they will only employ people (as doctor, say) who have been found to be torturers and abusers and so on. Who lied about their qualifications. Who do not have capacity to work to international standards.

Or how much they have some suitably trained and accredited people -- but they don't set foot on the hospital. So maybe a 'health officer' (that is to say a non-medically trained manager or administrator) gives them a call and says 'we need a treatment order form signed sign it'. Or 'we need a precscription signed. sign it'. And they sign their names to authorise the things.

When they are ordered to. And only when they are ordered to. Otherwise they won't be on pay-roll at all.

I think it is a combination of things.

You have the 'front line doctors' who are present in the hospitals. They are the hands-on bullies and offenders. Who like to get up close to patients and witness the abuse. Who get off on that.

And then you have the ones who are paid a lot of money to not set foot in the hospitals but to sign off on everything that needs signing off on. The actual hands on people can't get accreditation overseas mostly these days anymore so they aren't allowed to sign. Or maybe the front-line doctors are really frauds / hoaxters and they aren't capable of even talking abou medications.


People in NZ have decided that this is appropriate treatment for me.
That this is an appropriate way to treat me.
That it is acceptable (for their own perverted reasons) to continually expose me to this.
To continually expose me to nothing other than this.

That is to say if there is a different life for people lin NZ I am well and truly locked out of it. I don't see any of it.

If there is anything here, at all.

I don't see much in the way of any evidnece...


Lawyers... Paid however mjuch to delay and confuse and obstruct.

What is up with giving them a penalty on billings (not allowing them to claim the full amount) as a... Punishment? For them not having informed their client clearly that they have no authority to set eligiblility criterion.

We are talking the most basic of reading comprehension.








Apparently the word or line from overseas is that NZ has a 'compliant' popluation.

NO. It doesnt.

NZ does not have a compliant population. NZ has a bullying and abusive government who inflict their will on the people against the will of the people.

The population of NZ is forced.

NZ population is forced to comply.

It is not rule of law.

The people are not free to choose.

They are forced.

The leaders lack the capacity (also lack the education) to know what democracy means. At the most basisc level.




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