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Re: willful stupidity

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 19:51:30

In reply to Re: willful stupidity, posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 19:44:08

oh hello mighty esteemed gp. oooooh how respectable you are. ooooooh how lucky i am that you chose to come to work today (1 or 2 days a week) to spend half and hour or an hour with me.

what do you want from me gp? do you want to weigh me and measure me? well now you just go ahead and do anything you want. you are the esteemed expert, of course. i'm sure. anything you want me to do mighty and knowledgeable gp. do you wnat to give me a belly rub? check my abdomin? how about a quick cervical smear? shall i open up and say 'aaaah' for you? what do you need from me? what do you need from me? what do you need from me? what do you want me to do?

will you choose to take some samples and send them to a lab? will you decide what lab you send them to all by yourself? how will you decide what tests to order?

perhaps the new zealand government or the registration people will make check lists for you of things they REQUIRE you to do. maybe of things you are PROHIBITED from doing. maybe you are NOT ALLOWED to request biopsy samples for various conditions (e.g., not allowed to look for cancer in age brackets where first line treatments would be curative) or maybe you are only allowed to send to certain labs (because the person has been enrolled without their consent in a longitudinal study of observing the person die with no treatment).

how respectable.


'i's probably a virus there's ntohign we can do'.

'there are no treatments for virus'.

it is important not to under-estimate all the work that has gone into preventing prohibiting and obstructing the development of access to medicine for the new zealand people.




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