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Re: willful stupidity

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 19:44:08

In reply to Re: willful stupidity, posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 19:33:02

because they go... so... dr leeks had to pay... how much? how many millions of dollars did dr leeks have to pay in exchange for his having abused however many people over however many years? how much compensation was he ordered to pay to his victims?

was it 1 year of his government salary? for abusing however many people over however many years...

was it 2 years of his government salary?

was it worth it, dr leeks?

the answer to that is a resounding 'yes'.

i would imagine.

that's the message or moral that everybody is taking from how the case is proceeding. how the case has proceeded thus far.

are any of the people presently involved in abusing people in nz concerned?

they are going after security staff and how security staff are trained...

start with the workers on the lowest pay who only do the job at all because they are led to believe they'll be forced to starve otherwise...


goooooooood choooooices...

yeeeeeeees. juuuuuustice. for people with intellectual disability. i don't mean downs or willimans or anything like that. there's another kind of a intellectual handicap that's to be found in people who lack the willingness / ability...


i don't know what to do with my mother.

i suppose there are people out there who get her, in some way, and who can genuinely help her. i cannot. she stymies me. totally and completely.


if she's happy with the way things are. the leader sin the hosptial. the treamtn in the hosotpial. great. terrific. genuinely.

but that's no reason or exucse to force it upon everyone.

some people like to be forced? like the dramas.

some people like the dramas. i get it.

they train people to protest ineffectually. to pretend to protest. to role playing protesting and being overpowered and saying they like it. they like to be forced.

it justifies them. they feel.

there are still these attitudes about about. about how people ask for it and enjoy it.

they train people to express that.

it's supposed to justify them not listening to anything they don't want to hear. etc.

it's quite systematic...

the extent of the torture.

munchausen? by proxy. for the billings.

and then that thing where they force their captives to identify with the abusers. otherwise the abuse will only be worse.

the lengths they go to to ensure nz doens't develop or produce anything on the world stage.




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