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Re: force force force force force

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 19:05:05

In reply to Re: force force force force force, posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 18:54:04

There is no informed consent if people will not respect the answer they don't want to hear.

If people won't listen to 'no' and allow that to be upheld then people can't say 'yes'.

That is to say, if it is impossible to say 'no' then there is no informed consent.

I asked to 'opt off' the HealthOne records system they wanted to keep the South Island Health records on.

The HealthOne records system was rolled out in a state of emergency after the Christchurch earthquakes. Teh justification was that they had people presenting in a state of emergency from earthquate fallout and these people ddin't have their purses with them or whatever. They didn't know what regular medications they were on. They didn't know when they had their last dose. The idea was that instead of people maybe voluntarily choosing to wear a bracelet with that information on it in case of emergency... The heatlh system would keep online records that could be easily accessed.

SO i was concerned that NZ didn't have the capacity to do anything like that. Because, you know, achievement standards are not right for you and we aren't going to enrol or pay the few people with actual capacity to develop such things to develop such things in nz. I mean guffaw...

So the information was being shipped off to... Well... HealthOne was a subsidiary of... Was a subsidiary of...

And what reason do we have to think that the administrative access that who knows how many foreigners has isn't going to be used to change records. To maybe say that the person was on x med and should keep on x med. As a way of getting that person on x med. Just giving everything away. Just giving our people away. Our government just gives away the health and securiyt of it's people. Not even trying. Not even a little bit . Not even trying at all.

So I ask to 'opt off'. That is to say I dno't want to have an online record on HealthOne. I don't elect for my health information to be given to the HealthOne onlien system.

And the response is 'we will make a note of that on your HealthOne file. That you protest'.

That's it.

In other words: I don't have the right or ability to opt off.

They are keeping records without my permission. I have the right to 'ask' them to correct information they hav eon me. But they don't believe they are required to correct their information. They refuse to listen to what I say about... ANything.

The government is not legitimate becuase they don't do any of the most very basic of things they are qruiedt o to to look after their people.



Only employ the incomepent and inept white supremacist leaders to ensure that nothing develops.

Who profits the most from NZ not developing?


I know Khan Academcy wants us to think it is lack of organisation rather than an invisible hadn of evil. But I don't buy that or believe it. Because decisions made are worse than chance. Over and over and over again. Decisions made are worse than chance. That's no accident. That's systemic.




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