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Re: force force force force force

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 18:54:04

In reply to Re: force force force force force, posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 18:43:30

so apparently Curtin university in Perth Australia will take your little psychopath from their first year out of Secondary School and, for a bunch of money to be paid in Australian Dollars (NZ citizens who are not Australian Citizens are not eligible for HECS or Australian Government Loans towards Higher Education)... They will enrol your little psychopath in Medicine, at Curtin.

And I guess, being closer to Malasia than Sydney...

They can send these gems up into the outback. Apparently there are some lovely aboriginal communites and the doctors can fly in and out. Or do online consultations from afar. I don't know that it's safe to send women to work in some of these communities... I remember they said they needed to stop sending women anthropoligists to Paupa New Guniea because they weren't able to protect them when the tribal men would congregate outside at night and demand they hand the women over to them.

And they need doctors to work the concentration camps.

And they need doctors to work the miners. To make sure that their lung disease is attributed to smoking (their fault) and not to dust associated with their occupation. Things like that are really important for the elite white supremacist psychopaths.

I suppose there's some pipeline... From the natural resources coming out of the ground in Western Australia to where they go on the world stage. Teh uranium and the like. I mean to say.

They reckon in... I don't remember wehre.. The functio of the police was only to guard the resources. It wasn't Australia. But I imagine that's the idea there, too...

There was a guy who came out at one point and said that the bonded places people in Australia were expressing concerns that they wouldn't be employed at all unless they agreed to committ and turn a blind eye to atrocities.

Because it's important that Australia not develop.

Not develop local manufacturing... To interrupt global shipments. It's important to keep those resources flowing to fund foreign wars and so on...

Fires and plagues of mice....

F*ck*ng psyschopaths. At it again.

Where did all the people go?

I know.... The whole 'isolate and divide and conquer'. If she doens't believe there's any people left she'll give up.

I've met people. I know there are people.

OUr leaders aren't people. I don't think that people keep slaves. Nope. 'But they would run away if we freed them'. Oh. Nobody thought of that. Well of course nobody ever meant to say that slavey was justified if the person would just stick around keeping on doing all of the work for none of the money for, uh, 'voluntary' if they were freed. Sure. Right. You nailed it!!




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