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Re: force force force force force

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 18:43:30

In reply to Re: force force force force force, posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 18:32:47

we got dr glue keeping things under-developed in otago.

give date-rape drugs to the kids on the maraes who are required to stay in the communal sleeping environment. he reckons. it's the only sort of study they will fund if you are maaori, say, and you want to train to be a clinical psychologist. you need to do studies like that. so they can see that you will cover for them. protect them. you are complicit in their activities.

for the very first time the media said (just yesterday) that people were saying on social media that this 'world first' invention coming out of otago university where the engineers (yeah right) developed a patient pending (not sure about that) way of effectively wiring a persons jaw shut so they could only take in food by a straw (for the purposes of informed consenting voluntary weight loss of course) looked like a sadistic re-invention of the inhumane barbaric process of wiring a persons jaw shut where there were all kinds of harms involved in that like gum disease.

but of course the plan would have been to have observed just how mjuch gum disease they could get going in the course of an observational study.

these are the only kinds of experiments or researches or advances that the new zealand government will fund. the only kinds of experiments or researchers or advances that the new zealand public universities will allow their staff and studnets (particularly the studnets) to be enrolled in or involved in.

i mean if you wnat them to sign off on your research degree (ever) then you better get busy demonstrating your willingness and desire to inflict harms on animals but really preferably on people lin the name of scientific research in the name of helping me helping me helpling me help myself to you.

and maybe if you are very very very very lucky and 'yessier yessier yessier' and 'alllllll the bl*w j*bs for you' enough...

maybe you will get picked out ot be mighty elite white supremacist leader!!! making sure that new zealand doesn't develop in the forward direction at all for another 50, 100 years....

alllllllll the glory for you!!!




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