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Re: force force force force force

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 18:32:47

In reply to Re: force force force force force, posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 18:15:14

coca cola voluntarily out of the kindness of their hearts gave the wage subsidy money back.

but many other businesses did not.

likely coca cola only took the money in the first place to... uncover? the hopeless inadequacy of how the government chooses to throw money at those in least need of it while withholding the most basic of resources from most everyone else. the masses and masses and masses of gamma babies that our leaders need in order for them to feel good about themselves. to feel big. to feel like they are big men they can brazillian ju jitsu a vulnerable child who has done nothing wrong down to the ground any old time that they want. pull their pants off and inject them with olanzapine -- right? withhold ncea maths level 1 achievement standard test from them because they have decided numeracy standards only are right for you and where the focus is all on negative numbers -- just like your bank account hahahahhahahahhahahaha and more is less.

the waikato district health board has all these passports and drivers lisenses and birth certificates and the like that they uploaded into their hospital system before handing everyone over to hackers on a silver plate because of their wilful refusal to invest in the most basic level of security.

that's how the government keeps it's people.


it isn't that they don't understand informed consent. it's that they are stupid bullies. i don't see how else to understand. they refuse to listen (they don't have the capacity to listen) to anything that is not their very own view.

but then they will show a 'yessisr yessir yessir anything you say sir' to people who they perceived to be above them... it is just that you don't see that in them because they don't percieve anyone to be above them, anymore...

dr leeks in australia isn't even showing remorse or saying that he was doing what he believed to be best practice at the time. he isn't even saying that. he's just saying he's not sorry for anything at all.

and what will they do?

nothing is my guess.

because he's part of the elite white supremacist miniority. the ones who demonstrate that new zealand and much of australia is not rule of law, at all. it's rule of the elite white supremacist minority. these people bully and abuse and... sexually violate.. and wrongful death all over the place... and all the other elite white supremacist minority people have to say about that is 'carry on'.

they are going to throw a few dollars at the victims. like good prostitutes. take your money. you don't know how lucky you are. how much money did dr leeks have to pay the government to rape and torture with impunity?

i wonder where, in nz, epstein is holed up. i wonder where he gets his victims from.. boarding schools? dillworth's out of action, now... oraka tamariki??

apparently the ministry of health won't allow funding for concellors for kids. because they don't like the councellors. it turns out to be.

because they carefully selected rapists and pedophiles and so on and so forth... an elite white minority of clinical psychologists. they taught them well to ensure that they won't engage meaningully with their clients to ensure no meaningful progress was made. they taught them to write 'will not profit or benefit from further treatment' they taught them to blame the victim and so on. those are the only people they will allow near vulnerable people, you see. to ensure that development never occurs. to protect the eligte white supremacists who are profteering from their torture and so on.

that's the way of it, you see.

and quite a few people went into councelling because they were not sadists who fit with the eligte white minority that is clinical psychology in new zealand. and there's some genuine people in councelling. people who have lived experience. who with time and space and processing... are in good places to help people.

but the government will never pay them.

because the government is too busy covering for the abuses of the elite white minority who get off on abusing vulnerable kids. they are the only people they will look at giving enrolment forms to, enrolling, graduating, giving application to work forms to, employing, keeping on payroll. promoting...

has clinical psychology developed, in new zealand, at all in teh last... 50? 60? years?

it's still 'beat them over the head with their cognitive distortions' (you are doing it to yourself replace your thoughts with my thoughts). and behavioral modification techniques from the 60's. where every deliver of punishment is re-cast or re-described as the removal of a positive reinforcer.

like how putting people into a communal environment where the people are bullying and abusive to each other where the person is unable to seclude themselves away is for their own good. becuase seclusion is wrong.

like how putting people into a seclusion environment where the person is induced to be bullying and abusive to themselves is for their own good. because low stimulus is needed.

just do whatever you want (what will be most torturous) and make up baloney.

garbage garbage garbage output. garbage garbage garbage baloney.

f*ck*ng imbecils.




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