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Re: force force force force force

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 18:04:44

In reply to Re: force force force force force, posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2021, at 1:16:46

so the general practitioner registration body has decided to start seeing about rescinding various people's registration to practice as general practitioners in new zealand because...

it doesn't like what they have to say about vaccines.

in some cases there have been complaints about these practitioners.

it is an... interesting... choice. it is an... interesting choice because, in new zealand, general practitioners are not part of the vaccine roll-out.

last year the general practitioners showed their true colors with how they handled the influenza vaccine roll-out (as they handle the influenza vaccine roll-out each and every year). the priority doses for vulnerable people are not given to vulnerable people -- they are hoarded. stockpiled. some general practitioners do engage in a process of dissuasion whereby they tell the vulnerable people that vaccines are not right for them. but these same practioners prioritise their own personal doses and they prioritise doses for the people they purport to love and care about. their family. and they charge $50 (or up to) for a nurse to administer the vaccine to someone who will pay $50 for it. most often someone who is not in the high priority group. and every year there are a lot of doses that never make it into arms at all because they couldn't get anybody to pay $50 for them and they refused to give them to people otherwise.

and so general practitioners have been left out of the supply chain and storage and administration of covid vaccinations.

and so then we got to see how other people like to hoard things and divert public resources for their own personal profits. particularly the boards of directors of the public hospitals. the senior cliniciacns who are so senior they never see patients. but they see people who do see patients (sometimes) so they are entitled. they are entitled, you see.

it is an interesting choice for the general practitioner registration council to go after teh registrations of people who withhold vaccines when there are so many other things they could go after people for. murder. rape. sexual violation. wrongful death. negligence. incompetence. all these things receed into the background when it comes to their failure to comply with saying the things that they are required to say about the party line on vaccine. it isn't about their behavior -- because they aren't part of the vaccine storaage or administration supply chain. but they don't have speaking rights to say anything other than the party line, apparently. apparently the general practice registration council thinks that this genuinely is progress towards people respecting general practitioners more. that they would go after people who say things they disapprove of.

they say that what general practitioners say matters because they are respected members of the community.

they fail to understand the evidence.

there was a study that showed that when asked which, of a list of various professions, was the most trustworthy... people said that doctors were more trustworthy (as a profession) than lawyers. that's not saying doctors are trusted. can you hear the difference? i can.




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