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Re: oppression

Posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 16:47:37

In reply to oppression, posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 16:41:42


i suppose the idea is that if we force adults to do maths when they are locked into teaching as a profession then it won't really make a difference. we can allow them to have maths qualifiations (it will bring up the qualifiations of nz overall) but it won't make a jot of difference to career trajectory or development or anything like that.

i mean to say.... the teenagers of the administrators and doctors and the like are still picked out for the jobs they are picked out for when they are children... and teaching adults maths isn't giong to change that at all.

it will look like the educational achievement level of new zealadn across the board has gone up -- but preserve our petty hierarchy the better with which to opporess the people.

they aren't quite sure what to do with teh word salad that is english.

will it help people write competent file notes?

the interesting thing about language is...

there are ways to signal that you aren't a f*ck*ng idiot.

that can't so well be faked.


admissions essays...

the word salad they must get.

of course it's mostly just an elaborate hoax.

to get people working in the name of an ideology.

to try and obscure. to obscure. to conceal the fact that teh decisions are made on the basis of...

the administrators and elites. cheir children. becuase of who their children are. and they can try and pretend it's because they are smarter. with tehir better scores and so on. but they have the better scores because of who they are and not the other way around.

like how first year at Otago and Auckland is partly about parading the chosen elites a bit and everyone is supposed to be in awe of their intelligence (where they have been carefully schooled in all the correct answers -- been carefully provided with them over the years and in their current private special tutoring residential halls)

the lengths they go to to ensure that genuine growth and development does not occur.

to keep us all hostages of the elite miniority of inbred idiots.




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