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Re: culture of bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:10:12

In reply to Re: culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:00:35

the aim is like the matrix. to have people kept immobilised in incubators. not for the good of the machines. but for the good of the chief executives of the instistutions of new zealand. because they get money from the government for the number of peopel they have.

and they keep them immobilised. as hostages. providing as little to them as they can get away with while keeping them alive to keep the numbers up.

there are many institutions designed to hold as mnay people as possible. so they can get money from the government fo reach one of them.

individual households.
all sorts of clubs and things like that.
even jobs. the government pays ce's to provide jobs. to have as many people as possible...

aged care is a big thing. moving into youth care, too.

there was this trust thing that was residential for people who were younger with spinal cord injuries.

but the trust decided they could make more money from the government for puttin gthose people in old folks homes. they could remove the specialised services (rehab servicse. warm pool and physio and so on) and just put them in an old folks home. collect up more money for provision of less service. that's more money for the ce's pockets. that's more money for ryman healthcare or whatever. the aged care institutions listed on the new zealand stock exchange.

we don't do dairy so much... we are expanding into homo sapiens.

dementia is a big one. because then they can't be listened to, you see. they forget what they did. they can't be believed when they complain.

they want the euthanasia medicines so they can get rid of people when they think they have obtained all their money.

but now the universities are going to get in on the dementia thing. they can make money off of adults! for all the degrees they tehmselves regard to be low value.

the sort of degrees where they hire people to persuade or convince people with literacy that they don't have literacy. they don't produc ework that is indistinguishable from the postmodernist essay generator. they aren't spouting the party line.

the sort of degrees where they hire people to persuade or convince people with reasoning that they don't have reasoning. they don't understand informed consent because if htey did then they would understand that informed consetn is compliance. following the law means doing whatever i say because i am above the law. doing the right thing is following orders or instructions to bully and abuse others.

and so on.

appears to be the goal. the strategy. the plan.

what do the ce's do with all their money?

they keep households. that seems to be part of it. they keep children, often. they might have other slaves / workers too. pool boy. gardner. cleaner.




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