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Re: and end...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 3:36:04

In reply to Re: and end..., posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 3:28:08

the real thing with the courts is that they refuse to allow you to keep things simple.

they won't accept the filings.

there are little phrases. that get pulled out every time.

that they don't need to answer to a simple statement of claim on the grounds that it is simple.

they require it to be complicated enough to take up xxxxxxx amount of the courts time.

the goal isn't timely justice at all. the goal is to unnecessarily confuse things.

the goal is to create confusion. the goal is to create delay and obstruction. the goal is to create unnecessary work. the goal is to fill the courts to the brim so that the courts are overflowing with unnecessary work so that there isn't anything left for the timely prosecution of pedophiles.

file a statement of claim. judge says to refile it. refile the statement of claim. judge says to refile it. you need to work under the instructin of the judge.

gee.. it's starting to look like writing a thesis for a supervisor in new zealand.

you gotta pay the bribe. those court fees. you gotta pay security to the court. you gotta pay the court for a finding in your favor. you gotta pay you gotta pay you gotta pay the court.

the game is to deliver favorable outcome to the person who pays the most.

for the financial benefit of the court.

clearly. they are supposed to make money. right? they're run likea business - right? the judiciary. that's what they are there for? right. same as the health system adn the welfare system and the education system and all the other social services systems of new zealanad. all working under the same business model to make as much money for the new zealand government as they can. particularly to keep the poor people poor. never paid. unemployed. not woring. not productive. if they insist upon justice well...

the cameras are going up.

for obvious reasons.

because the new zealand government insists upon throwing money at these tyrants who keep slaves.


the lengths they go to to make this be the very very best location in the world for pedophiles.

pedophile island.

i mean... the age of consent is 16.

and STILL theres the problem of pedophilia.

you gotta kepe them cold. cold in their beds.

that's why that.

so they voluntarily seek out warm bodies to survive the night.




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