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when i was younger

Posted by alexandra_k on May 11, 2021, at 10:18:35

In reply to Re: just do whatever you want, posted by alexandra_k on May 11, 2021, at 10:08:59

i internalised the blame for everything.

i suppose that was conditioned into me.

but i internalised the blame for everything.

coming back here as an adult i see how f*ck*d up the society is, here.

i suppose things weren't a great great deal better overseas...

i needed to live independently in the US. my flatmate was not good for me... her own stuff... it took me a while to see that... to see that people i ended up clicking well with were staying away from me (to start with) because they thought i was tied up with / in with her... and they wanted away from her dramas...

and in australia... i suppose... getting involved with someone who... well... was he an early pioneer of the eating your children model? perhaps. perhaps he was. an early pioneer of abusing people 'rubbish rubbish rubbish' to force them to start over. take more time. stay a slave to him for... well for... for as long as he can get away with it for...

you can get university management on side -- right? this idea that you don't need to employ people to put them to work... you can have graduate students doign the work of post-docs... doing the work of junior lecturers... doing the work of...

but why stop there?

why not take money from undergraduates and put them to work...

why teach anybody anything?

why don't we get studnets here to work their phd.. then when they are here we can put them to work as seaonale harvesters? picking fruit. we could do that. all the engineering studnets and so on. they pay us for their engineering degree (the piece of paper they will get one day so they pay tehm they pay them they pay tehm they pay them one day) and we can put them to work in the fields... on the plantations...

and of course then eventually they might (but might not) get their piece of paper that means they get paid! they get paid! they get paid! tehy are mighty engineers (who don't know anything because their degree was comprised of a mixture of working the fields and sucking up to their superiors who didn't know anything either -- which is of course why they got paid)

our system...

is it more corrupt than india?

I think so...

many of them are flocking here.

buying their way in.

because it's cheaper, i suppose.

but that's a scammy sccammy scum.

of course.

i mean...

why wouldn't you -- if you could get away with it.

courts no work-y.

the government won't pay people to prosecute.

won't arrange for prosecution.

there's a bunch of people, at present, who stand around going 'not our job' when it comes to instructing government prosecution to prosecute.

and the police don't do any of the things they are supposed to do anyway or either.

do they read people their rights?

do they supply lawyers before questioning?


the entire thing is a scammy scummy scam.

as the world knows. from teh security camera footage.

new zealand: it's not working




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