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Re: just do whatever you want

Posted by alexandra_k on May 11, 2021, at 10:04:26

In reply to just do whatever you want, posted by alexandra_k on May 11, 2021, at 9:49:56

i mean new zealand doesn't treat the sick anymore than it educates the young anymore than it...

theres nothing here

nothing works

they pay them they pay tehm they pay them they pay tehm they pay them

new zealand doesn't honor any of it's international obligations

we dont prosecute fraud or money laundering or crimes.

the big thing about the terrorist guy who blew up whatever mosques in christchurch was that...

for once in new zealand's life...

it wsa required (internationally) to step up to the f*ck*ng plate. and to arrange for competent prosecution to at least provide some semblance of a pretence of a fair trial. and then consequences for that. i think there were world eyes on us. we had to actually f*ck*ng build prison facilities suitable to house him in.

because we did not have them previously.

we don't have habitable prisons.

it's not part of the whole deprivation of people until they kill themselves situation or scenario.

they let them out. don't they. the people who supposedly apparently allegedly kill themselves in prison. they let them go.


because it's cheaper. it's cheaper to have people out of jail rather than in jail. so they let them go. let them go be someone else's problem.

i understand there is this idea of 'it is costly to punish'. and then this idea that 'that's because you were too cognitively deficient to calculate the true costs. all the other factors that you fail to consider. how costly is it when that guy comes and smashes your head in with a hammer because he was let out and he saw opportunity?'


this was... what...

20 years ago? academics were workign through all of this stuff...

feels like lifetimes ago. generations.

but we aren't quite there yet. we are still stuck in the 'it's too haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard we can't do it. it's too costly. we just do whatever because they pay us they pay us they pay us they pay us they pay us'

i think the plan is for us to let all the criminals of the world pay us for citizenship.

then, once they are here the world will rescind their other citizenship (because of them being of bad character) and their prison sentance is being forced to stay here.

why am i being punished?

why do i have over one hundred thousand dollars of debt to the government for necessary things that ineeded like... to have a fridge or a washing machine (make and model of their choosing and things produced by slaves only)...

when the government is the major employer...

when there is no job for me.

when i have...

wow... i should have TWO masters degrees.

but they take my degrees back. i lack the most basic of literacy. they will not acknowledge. refuse to acknowledge.

they don't pay me
they don't pay me
they don't pay me
they don't pay me

they pay people over 100,000 per year to ensure their job is not done: not done by them. not done by anyone.

they pay tehm
they pay them
they pay them
they pay them
they pay them

to ensure there is no healthcare.
there is no education
their is not justice.

further and further and further and further and further and further behind...




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