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toxic mold

Posted by alexandra_k on May 10, 2021, at 22:04:30

There are many things I like about my current apartment. I really like the location. I'm in Auckland Central. Any by Central, I mean CENTRAL. I am very central. I am 1 block from the central train station. I am right next to the central passenger harbor. They have been doing a lot of central city beautification. Reducing car traffic. Planting trees. Laying cobblestones...

Of course I am in a lower level apartment. One up from the ground. Commercial space underneath. Quiet at night. Nobody stomping on my head. Get this: Carpark above me. Two floors of carpark. Then more luxury larger apartments the top two levels of the building. On a wharf. It's a wharf. We are actually on piles on the freaking water in the harbor...


It's a leaky building. And the harbor is... Well... I think it really wants to be... Low lying costal swamp. It is very humid. And the building sort of absorbs water. I'm not sure where water comes from, sometimes, but it will pool on my balcony. I try and get the squeegy mop to remove it, if I see it. So it didn't lay there. I think if it lays there it actually steeps through and starts leaking through the bottom layer...

Once when I was walking along the bottom layer I saw water dripping out of the lights overhead. Dripping out of the lights. That can't be good.

I have a heat pump. It has a dehumidify function. I can also set it on cool with a fan going. I feel that I need to have it running constantly. I feel that it helps... Dry things out. Or circulate the air.

I feel...

I am almost certain it is toxic mould spores in the air. I can smell them. The air conditioner helps circulate them and... Disperse them. Water them down. But they are still there.

The air extraction doesn't work in the bathroom.

When I vaccum I get a lot of 'dust'. I think it is the mould. It makes a weird dust. Maybe it grows on nutrients in the water. From foecal contamination that goes directly into the harbor. I don't know. I don't know what it is. But it smells... Feels... Toxic.

But what am I supposed to do? That's why I can afford to live here. Obviously. That's why the government keeps me here, like this or like that. Because it values teh lives of people who they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to do... Uh... To do... Uh...

I think the furry mold blocks the vents. Maybe the pipes, I don't know.

It grows near the water in my toilet.

That makes me think it grows in the water. It's int eh water supply pipes.

I don't know.

My point is...

I am a shallow breather.

I don't breathe slowly and deeply rolling through the spine. Pressing my back flat. I breathe lightly and shallowly and anything that wants to get deep into my lungs will have to... diffuse there. I'm not helping it.

For obvious reasons.

I'm trying to sleep on my back...

But it's killing me.




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